How to Dress Yourself Thin and Hide That Extra Weight?

How to Dress Yourself Thin and Hide That Extra Weight?
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    Dressing and fashion can do so many things you can’t imagine.

    It is not a fluke that the fashion and makeover industry has grown up to more than three folds in the last decade or so.


Wearing the right kind of dressing and fashion is also naturally very important, especially in the modern times. There was an age, where fashion did not matter much, but today the scenario is completely different. The idea of one’s personality and their impression is now analyzed and judged upon the way their dressing sense and fashion following is.

There are various ways through which everyone tries to identify the best mix of fashion for their going. Some people try certain styles, while others go for a total makeover. It is important to remember that looking good and fashionable that instills the right value on you is also largely based on your body and its weight. This means, unfortunately someone who weighs 5 stones will never look good, despite wearing one of the most luxurious outfits they can find. This is the problem with fashion, it largely goes with the body you have and what your body is more comfortable with.

This brings us to the main point of our discussion. Today, we are going to talk to all those who think they have extra weight, especially on their bellies and how wearing the right kind of dressing as well as practices can hide that extra bulge in your body and make you look thin in front of others. This blog, however, does not in any way discourage the need to work out and eat healthy.

Wear a size larger than what your actual size is

The best way to hide your extra weight is to expose your body as minimum as you can and do not highlight the parts where you’re most weight relies on, for example, your stomach. So the best way to do that is by wearing not so tight clothes. Always ensure you buy your T-shirts and shirts a size bigger than what you generally would. This gives you that extra room where your body can comfortably sit in. It is not necessary to wear really loose jeans, since you have to work on your upper body. Also ensure that the size is not too large otherwise it will look awkwardly loose.

Walk and sit in particular ways

It is not just loose clothes that you have to work on, it is also important to work around how you sit and walk. Try not to sit too tight or walk with loose shoulders, both things can totally expose your extra weight and affect your dressing as well.

Try to wear dark colors

Bright colors or white color can highlight your weighted parts of the body. Wear dark colors and think texture clothes as they can easily act as a camouflage to hide your extra weight. This is the best way to dress thin.

Work on your body

Finally, do not just be satisfied by hiding your weight under clothes, it is also important that you keep a check on it and ensure it does not keep on increasing.

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The author of this blog post is Melody Wilson. She is a full time doctor in the field of health and food. She is very popular with her amazing workout session and weight control formulas around the city of New York. Her contributions on the website Instyle Jackets are highly encouraged and appreciated as the best advice in fashion.


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