Tips for Young Drivers: Playing Nice and Staying Safe on the Road

Tips for Young Drivers: Playing Nice and Staying Safe on the Road
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    Congratulations on getting your licence, the driving lessons have paid their due.

    Remember though that you are not the only person on the road.


There are all sorts of drivers on the road and there are a few things you can do to make sure you are one of the good ones.

Reduce the Number of Distractions in The Car

Remember to keep your mobile phone either switched off or at least out of sight. Try not to drive with your best mate all the time. You will likely get distracted or be encouraged to show off to impress someone.

Don’t Tailgate

Remember to keep your distance. Even if the car in front of you is driving 10 kph under the advertised speed limit. Tailgating makes you look aggressive, irritates them and reduces your reaction time.

Slow down

Unless you are a race car driver, driving is not a race. Just because the speed limit is 80 kph on the freeway does not mean you have to drive at that speed. Remember to keep your speeds within the legal limit and in keeping with the traffic around you.

Don’t Drink and Drive

You may feel alright after a couple of pints down the local pub but you are probably over the limit.

Try To Avoid Loud Music

The double-woofer you have recently installed in the boot may pump out some killer bass, but the couple with the young child in the car behind you do not have the same appreciation for that style of music. Sure, listen to music in the car but keep the volume at a reasonable level. Remember loud music will also impede your hearing which may reduce your reaction times in an emergency.

Be Careful When Driving At Night

If possible, try to avoid driving at night when you first start driving. It is possible that although you have driven the mandatory hours in the dark, you have not driven significantly in the dark. It is possible that your driving school may offer specific lessons for driving at night. If they do not, then try and find an experienced driver to take with you. Maybe your parents need to do some grocery shopping in the evening; if this is the case then you could offer to drive them there and back. It is a sure fire way to gain some experience driving at night with the knowledge of an experienced driver to hand, and it will win you major brownie points at home.

Topping Up With Advanced Lessons

You may find that you need or even want more specialised training. There are a number of driving schools that offer advanced driving lessons in areas such as defensive driving, off road driving, collision avoidance, how to get out of a skid, etc etc. Some States even run programmes for young drivers to help them become better, responsible, safer drivers. It is worth checking out your State Roads website to see if they offer such a scheme.

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Candice had decades of instructing experience. Her two daughters take Driving Lessons Brisbanearea. Her eldest son recently passed at Driving School Brisbane and, taking dad’s advice, picks mum up from the train station in the evenings.


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