How to Increase Your Car’s Resale Value

How to Increase Your Car’s Resale Value
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    Most car owners come to the conclusion that they want to get rid of their car.

    While some may want to scrap it, most will want to either sell it or trade it in.


People who wish to sell their car should consider these tips on how to increase their car’s resale value if they want to get the best return on investment.

Minimize Mileage

No one wants to purchase a used car that has a lot miles on it. This is because mileage typically means wear and tear, and most cars don’t drive that well over a certain threshold. Buying a car is a long-term investment. Therefore, it’s best to keep mileage to a minimum if you intend to sell yours at some point and want to get the most money for it.

It goes without saying that the more you drive your car, the more miles it will gather. The more miles it gathers, the more it depreciates in value. In short, don’t take your car on any road trips to ensure its value.

Clean Your Interior

Vacuum and sweep the floor to eliminate crumbs and debris. If your car has floor mats, clean those too. Replace any floor mats that are too dirty to clean or have stains that are too deep to remove.

Another thing to consider is cleaning your upholstery. Gentle cleaning tools and cleaning products will make your car look like it came straight from the dealership. Add some neutral air fresheners to add a clean scent.

Perform Preventive Maintenance

Every vehicle needs maintenance at some point in its life. This is especially true if you plan to get rid of it. Check your owner’s manual to know how often you should have a professional look at and work on your car.

Make repairs right away if you spot any problem or issue. Also, don’t be afraid to ask your mechanic or technician if certain repairs or minor upgrades will help its resale value. Generally, cars in better condition are worth more money.

Fix All Dents and Scratches

Just like with general maintenance, make sure to fix all small dents and scratches. If it seems like something will ruin your car’s value, it probably will. Buffing out dents and scratches—whether they appear on the back bumper or side door—can increase your car’s overall value. Wax and polish your exterior to bring out your car’s color and shine.

Replace Components

You should replace any missing or damaged components in your car. For example, replace dim lights with new ones. Many modern car drivers prefer high-intensity discharge lights due to their brightness and the safety they afford. You can also switch out rusty rims with shiny ones. Most importantly, switch out the tires for new ones.

other valuable tips:

If you can’t afford new tires, inflate and test the ones you have. Tires can be expensive for many car buyers—and, on top of spending more money, most don’t want to spend extra time at the mechanic. Any small test or replacement is going to cost you some money. However, any new buyer will pay a lot more for the car if it has these features.

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