7 Ways Global Warming is Impacting Everyday Living

7 Ways Global Warming is Impacting Everyday Living
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    The impact of global warming is far reaching and goes beyond increases in temperature, melting snow caps and rising oceans. Global warming has an impact on everyday social, cultural, political, and economical level.


Here are seven interesting global warming impacts that will educate and enlighten your senses.

Global warming impacts the stock market.

According to a CNN article “Global warming could melt your portfolio,” many big car companies and big oil may be at risk in a world where carbon is highly regulated. Let us hope that these companies will reinvent and innovate by then. For more information, visit www.CNN.com and explore key words.

Global warming is political and will increase taxes.

Young voters lean towards candidates who have the environment in mind. They are changing which candidates will be elected the future, new legislation that are passed, including environmental taxes. Visit Washingtonpost.com and type keyword global warming to see how politics plays into climate change affects you.

You will be surprise to find a link between global warming and the impact on social equality.

Minorities have unequal access to clean water, utility, and fresh food in America. Global warming will increase this disparity even further if nothing is done about it. For more information about environmental justice, use a key word search on bing.com or visit www.epa.gov/enviornmentaljustice

Global warming is transforming the economy.

The green revolution, hybrids, and electric cars have caused the demand for oil to drop, but prices remain high. The trend for electric cars are gaining popularity will restructure the oil and automotive industries.

Insurance Rates are Going Up

According to Anthony Clark Insurance Brokerage, Alberta insurance rates are going up for home owners because damaging weather is becoming far more common these days. We’ve heard a lot about how weather patterns are changing, but have we considered the effect on the price of living?

Global warming is changing the way we move.

The population at current levels cannot support a society that heavily relies on fossil fuels. With two cars in every household, C02 emissions will increase, creating new legislation that will restructure the way we move. For exploration about cleaner vehicles, visit http://www.biologicaldiversity.org and keyword climate change.

No more fish in the sea.

We will have less beautiful oceans for our children. Global warming is currently changing our ecosystem due to CO2 absorption by our oceans. Reefs and aquatic life forms are being affected negatively by rising temperatures. Visit www.nationalgeographic.com/ocean for more information and discovery about this issue.

Global warming is changing our landscape.

Global warming is changing the way people landscape their homes. The trend now is to use native plants so that lawns require less watering. Some cities pay homeowners to remove lawns and ban watering.


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