Upcoming Tech Trends in the Classroom

Upcoming Tech Trends in the Classroom
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    As the new decade begins, there are several tech trends that seem to be reshaping education.


Technology has had a major influence in changing the way many industries operate, and education institutions and learning methods haven’t been immune to the influence.

Many of these changes will have a positive effect on the state of education within the United States, and the new initiatives are revolutionizing how both children and adults will learn both in and out of the classroom.

Whether you are a parent, student, teacher, administrator, or researcher, these are some of the trends you can expect in the year 2020. To stay abreast of changes taking place within specific disciplines, you can research the academic articles published through Bentham Science journals.

LTE Chromebooks

There LTE Chromebooks have already become an important part of the classroom scene for K-12 grades, but the coming year should see more specialized applications put to use.

These laptops are simple but highly affordable, and the newer models being placed in classrooms are coming with filtered, 4G LTE Internet connections that provide enough date to last through the school year.

Chromebooks are changing the way students can access their coursework or supporting resources, but many grades and classrooms are heavily dependent upon the different functions of Google classroom for student projects, teacher communication, and homework submissions.

Teacher Roles

Students aren’t the only ones who will have to adapt to new information and methods throughout the coming year. Teachers are going to be faced with new responsibilities and roles in helping students learn and grow through new technologies.

Some new devices or teaching resources will require additional training or certification programs, some of which could be completed through online avenues. There are also new developments with inclusion and dealing with challenges and special needs situations. Teachers will need to be aware of regulations or best practices set forth by governing bodies or professional groups when it comes to these areas.

Artificial Intelligence

The classroom has already seen the influence of artificial intelligence, with smart devices and learning application using AI to operate and tailor learning needs to the individual student. Research indicates that over the next three years, AI use in the classroom should increase by almost 50%.

In fact, the areas of STEAM are explored by many of the articles with Bentham Science publishing, and these fields are going to be significantly impacted by continued AI use and development. It is a nimble and efficient resource, and the AI-powered programs and apps make learning fun for all ages.

Flipped Classrooms

A lot of teacher training is being focused on how to flip the classroom in order to improve student learning. This approach addresses different instructional methods and tries to engage children in the learning process on more natural and comfortable levels.

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One of the newer technologies being brought into the classroom is videoconferencing. Classes are able to connect with partner schools or peer groups across the country and help facilitate new conversations and learning opportunities.

This tech is developing communication skills and introducing children to collaboration processes. It also helps keep homebound students connected to the classroom, when illness or other conditions keep them from being able to connect with their peers.

Extending Learning Opportunities

Technology doesn’t always get the credit it deserves for helping propel learning opportunities and educational accessibility, While video games do consume a lot of time and don’t have the same focus as education, the familiarity children are developing with technology at a young age makes the integration of digital devices and the internet into the classroom much easier. These changes can greatly improve the academic potential of students of all ages.

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