How Learning System is Change with Modern Technology

How Learning System is Change with Modern Technology
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    Education and learning opens and widen great opportunities that most probably results in success.


Getting used to the change 

Education is an element that helps everyone around the world to strive towards success and make a better living out of you in the future. Education and learning opens and widen great opportunities that most probably results in success. There are so many people around the world who are less fortunate and don’t complete their formal education resulting in facing hardships through their lives. It is nothing shocking or a secret that the less people receive education, the worse their standard of living gets. Education and modernization in a globalized world has brought an uncountable sum of negative positive changes to the world.

Positivity of the aspect

Education itself has become an aspect which has been most affected in the globalized world. Globalization comprises of social, political and economic that people might grip to portray their society and integrate it with rest of the world. However, education and modernization in a globalized world has more positive than negative effects and the way it’s provided in both developed and under-developed countries. One positive effect of education in globalized world that it has taken education to a higher level and the world is currently witnessing fast development in education technology. A massive impact relating to modernization in a globalized world is when we compare the classrooms of today with the classrooms of the past.

This effect is changing the way students of today learn and educate themselves and also equipping with a range of expertise to face a competitive global market that is demanding employees that are ready to assume jobs in accordance with the organization’s needs and wants. As the time passes we are noticing modernization in the global world we are living for example smart boards, tablets, laptops, projectors, online access to libraries and many other tools that allow students to explore and get knowledge and useful information to compete in a global world.

Impact of Education and Modernization

Experts have concluded that students are motivated when they are studying in a highly modernized global environment. Education in a globalized world has brought changes in various ways through different channels and mechanisms. In the field of non-formal education there are numerous innovative methods of education, but regrettably only few of them are focused on upon individual conduct reforming in the global context, and they are only looking to multiply consumerist norms, by preparing the youth for a very successful and professional career beginning. There are many people around the world with the perception that education should equip them with appropriate exploitation tools so that the can disturb the masses and there are people who thinks that they should be equipped with tools that allow furnish noble ends rather than means to an end.

How to cope up with this?

Education and modernization in a globalized world signifies a paradigm movement which involves re-thinking of principles and structures relating to traditional consciousness. It also signifies a transformation from mono-cultural strategy of education to multi-cultural strategy with attendant implication of changes in school circular and attendant practices. The objective instructs the educational and learning needs and wants of all adult and young people are to be met through equal access to appropriate learning and life skill practices hence focus should be on education. 

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