Referrals and Recommendations: 7 Steps for Finding a Reputable Real Estate Agent

Referrals and Recommendations: 7 Steps for Finding a Reputable Real Estate Agent
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    In one’s quest to buy or sell a home, it’s their choice to decide to address needs alone or align with a knowledgeable real estate agent, one who can assist with pricing, suggestions, strategy, etc.


However, like seeking any service provider such as a lawyer, doctor and so on, one needs to exact due diligence in securing a reputable real estate agent.  Consider the following seven sentiments.

How Long?

How long has the person been a real estate agent?  Like other industries, real estate prowess warrants experience.  Therefore, while ability to serve is not purely contingent on years spent doing the work, be sure to approach those just starting with some hesitance, especially since they may offer lower fees in exchange for more clients.

Can We Negotiate?

All real estate fees are negotiable, so ask a proposed vendor about their approach to fees, especially in association to time.  For example, if you’re selling your home, time is a valuable element.  If the home is priced too high, and much time passes, the seller loses some leverage in keeping a price higher.  Negotiate price regarding expectation of time with your vendor.

Will I Be Dealing with You?

Some real estate agents are part of larger systems, involving trainees, those with limited experience, and owners or executives of the agency.  Ask each vendor about who will be handling your account and with whom you can expect to discuss strategy and results with if needed.

Should I Use the Web?

The Web has replaced the traditional mentality of using the Yellow Pages to find sought vendors and products.  Use the Web, especially if leveraging a browser that knows your exact location, to field the best realtors near you.  Alternatively, since searching for a local service can be confusing, one can go straight to a site associated with fielding available agents.

Can I See Referrals?

Ask your intended vendor for a number of referrals from previously happy clients who they have helped buy or sell a home.  Also, conduct an online search for their name to see if they have written any posts, been interviewed, etc.

What Do You Need?

Ask what sort of information will be needed by you at the onset of the relationship.  A ‘needy’ real estate agent may contact you for information, a good time to show a house for sale, thoughts about maneuvering on price and so on.  Siding with an agent that can quickly develop a strategy helps make the most of time.

What Should I Expect?

As mentioned, one does not need to elect to use a real estate agent yet the added value they bring is seen through dollars saved or earned, depending on whether you’re a buyer or seller, as well as time saved and capitalized upon.  Timing is crucial in real estate, so it’s beneficial to have the help of someone with experience in the industry.

There’s more to consider, but answering the above questions will help those seeking the aid of an available and efficient real estate agent.

Robert Groleau’s long career in real estate spans decades. After so much experience and insight, he enjoys blogging about the ins and outs to navigating today’s housing market.


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