7 Tips For Selling Your Home Today

7 Tips For Selling Your Home Today


Today’s housing market is a tough one, but that doesn’t mean you can wait it out by not putting your home on the market. Sometimes a job change forces people to move while others prefer to downsize (or upsize) or simply relieve themselves of the responsibility of home ownership.

Never list a home for sale if it looks anything like this one.

If you want to move your home fast then there are some things you can do to help woo buyers, make a deal and move on with your life:

1. Price it right – This one should be obvious but some homeowners haven’t taken into consideration the latest local home values when determining their asking price. Study neighborhood price comparables (comps) and take into consideration the number of foreclosures in your area when setting your price. Then, set it slightly below what it might fetch.

2. Fix big problems – If there are glaring problems with your home, namely a faulty furnace, leaking pool or rotten roof, those items must be fixed before you list your home for sale. Otherwise, your home will not sell in this market.

3. Tend to the little things – Big things can stop a sale, while little things can make your home sell faster. Clean the carpet, paint the front door, trim bushes, clean out the gutters, straighten up the yard and take care of anything that may detract from your home’s visual appeal. Think curb appeal.

4. Declutter, please – Get rid of or hide excess furniture and make your home as open and uncluttered as possible.

5. Find a good agent – If you’re planning to work with a real estate agent, find someone who excels as what she does. Consider offering an incentive if they find the right buyer for you in a short period.

6. Market smartly – No home marketed today should be marketed without harnessing the web. Make sure that your home is listed on MLS, but also on Craigslist and easily found on local forums and other popular home selling sites.

7. Stay away – When buyers come knocking, you want to be out of the house. Importantly, your home needs to be extra clean. A dirty home is an undesirable home; keep it looking great at all times.

Will your home sell quickly? It might if you are aggressive with its price and realistic. Plan smartly or risk having your home languish on the market for many months.

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