How to Obtain Wealth: Create a Service and a Successful By-Product

How to Obtain Wealth: Create a Service and a Successful By-Product
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    Creating a business that can sustain itself over the long term requires the creation of a product or service that people will continue to reinvest in over the long term.


There are many ways to get into the market with a new product or service that is designed to be repurchased over and over, but these products and/or services must be designed to be a mainstay in culture and in the home or business. Following each of these three steps will send any business on the way to being successful and sustainable over the long term.

1. The Product or Service Must Be Improved

Imagine how poor technology would be if computers were never updated or mobile applications where never tweaked by their founders. Though people joke that computers are outdated once they are purchased, this is what keeps society moving forward. One of the things that makes business owners successful is a willingness to constantly improve the service or product. Some of those successful business owners include Melaleuca CEO, Frank Vandersloot and CEO of Microsoft Bill Gates. Therefore, a quality product must have room for improvement. Every product that comes out of the business must have room for improvement. Every time it is improved, consumers will feel compelled to make a new purchase. This helps the consumer and the bottom line at the same time.

2. The By-Product Should Create Business Opportunities

When products are produced that consumers want, there should be room for companion products to come onto the marketplace. This means that a business can begin with their feature product and begin to produce companion products. Not only can these companion products produce profits, but they can be improved and be repurchased by consumers over and over.

3. The Product Must Be Marketed To The Right People

When products hit the market, the right demographic must know about them and be targeted in advertising routinely. A product that is targeted at teenagers should be be consistently marketed at teenagers and parents of teenagers to ensure that it is in the public consciousness. A product that is designed for businesses must be marketed to businesses and private business owners. Without proper marketing, every product that hits the market will flop when no one knows what it is or that it even exists.

Creating a business that can last for years to come begins with a quality product that ca be constantly improved. It continues with companion products that will become essentials for every home and business. Finally, the business is sustained with proper marketing to the demographics that will make purchases. With these three steps, anyone has the potential to start a business that can be passed down through the generations.


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