How to Get Ready for the Prom

How to Get Ready for the Prom
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    An important rite of passage for high school students is their senior prom, a memory-making event that serves as a capstone accomplishment for their secondary education.


Much preparation must be undertaken to ensure that this event is fully enjoyed by attendees with the following steps outlined to help you get the most out of your senior prom.

1. Buy your tickets. As soon as the date for the senior prom has been announced, purchase your tickets. Guys will buy a pair of tickets — one for their date and one for themselves. Buy two now even if you have not arranged for a date — the priority is to get your tickets and then get your date.

2. Invite your date. Chances are you are dating someone or have a friend that you would like to take to the prom. As soon as you are certain who you want to invite, extend the invitation. She will readily accept if you have already discussed this possibility. If not, give her time to consider your invitation. If she turns you down, do not be distressed: consider who else you would like to invite and then ask her.

3. Set a budget. Proms are expensive. Guys must buy the tickets, rent a suit and shoes, and provide transportation. Gals have to choose a dress and shoes, wear accompanying jewelry and accessories, and get their hair and face done. Quite easily, each person could spend well above $500 for prom night. If you are of limited financial means, do not distress. Guys can borrow a car for the night and gals can make their prom dresses. Determine your budget and plan accordingly.

4. Buy or rent your clothes. Guys should visit a local tuxedo shop to rent their suits. Obtain matching shoes, if needed. Gals should shop for a dress or choose a style to make one of their own. Get your clothes early on and arrange with your date what you will be wearing. It can take two or three months to prepare for the prom.

5. Head to the spa or gym. You will want to look your best on prom night, therefore much personal preparation must take place to help you get ready. Gals will want to ensure that their skin is soft, their faces are radiant and that their nails look exquisite. Plan to make several spa visits before prom night. Contact your hair stylist to have your hair, nails and face done early on the day of your prom. For guys, keep up your exercise regimen by heading to the gym 3 to 4 times each week. Watch your diet as you want to comfortably fit into your tuxedo without having to contend with an expanded girth.

6. Speak with your parents. By the time you attend your prom, you may be at least 18-years-old. You are of age and are responsible for yourself, but that does not mean your parents are left out of the equation. Guys and gals alike should talk with their parents to ensure that everyone is on the same page regarding prom plans and agenda. Parents want their children to have a memorable experience and are also concerned with their children’s welfare. If your parents insist that you take car service, consider sharing a stretch limousine with other prom attendees. Most vehicles seat at least 12 people, therefore with six guys paying the fare the $150 per hour charge is not so steep. For a six-hour rental, each guy will pay $150.

7. Pull it together. Guys should buy their prom date a corsage and will also wear a boutonni√®re or a button hole. Bring with you a digital camera and both guys and gals should have a cell phone and cash on hand. Review your list of prom “must haves” to ensure that everything is in place several days before prom night.

Prom Notes

Young women should break their shoes in before prom night to avoid foot pain and fatigue later on. Women and men alike should confirm their hair and suit reservations a day or two in advance. Have her parents take photos of you both in the home and as you get ready to enter the limousine or your personal car. Keep you camera handy while at the prom. Above all else, enjoy this important rite of passage.

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