One Cool Budgeting Tip that WORKS: Severing Subscriptions

One Cool Budgeting Tip that WORKS: Severing Subscriptions
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    I often get a surprise on my credit card with automatic subscriptions to online services that I forgot I had and rarely use.

    But by the time I realize it, the fee has already been debited and of course, the blame is on me who set it up in the first place.

    The best I can do is cancel the subscription but then I am already left off with less money in my pocket.


By Jessy Troy

Are you familiar with this scenario?

Severing your subscriptions to products and services may be daunting as much as you break off your human relationships. It is hard and often people hesitate to because they are afraid and are just not used to having those item or services around. But believe me, you will stay alive without these subscriptions that may be eating up your budget more than you think.

1. Magazines.

Unless you are passionate on keeping the industry alive and kicking, then keep your subscriptions to your favorite magazines. But if money is tight, then acknowledge the fact that you can get the same quality content online or cheaper in digital form. Or better yet, borrow from the library or from a friend.

My husband gets a hand down of car magazines from one of his mates each month. And that’s as good as a subscription. Besides, are you really reading those magazines once they get into your mailbox? Or do you often find them still wrapped in plastic a month later? If these scenes are familiar, then start contacting the publishers and cancel your subscriptions. You’ll be surprised how much savings you can get.

2. Landline.

With the advancement of mobile phones and with many telecommunications company now playing in the market, more people are using their mobiles to communicate instead of their home lines as they are constantly out and about. Chances are you are one of these so maybe you can go without a land line subscription. But if you work from home or mostly at home, you can still live without a land line as there are cheaper alternatives to communicating like Skype or Chat.

Nowadays, many tend to be online rather than be on the phone line anyway and Skype and other internet providers offer phoning packages that are a lot cheaper than line land subscriptions. So do your research and find out how much savings you can actually get.

3.  Entertainment.

Again, with the Internet age, people can get great a deal of their movie and TV show needs online for free or cheaper. Many people usually turn on their cable TV for just a few hours each night and the subscription fee is so not worth it. If you follow a TV series, you can purchase it cheaper online and watch it any time you want to. So severe your ties with your cable guy and start looking for better options to get your dose of entertainment.

4. Online services.

Annual subscriptions to Mail Plus Services in Yahoo and photo hosting such as Flickr cost about $25, so that could be extra $50 enough to buy a family member a special gift. Have a think of whether you are actually utilizing or have a need to such extra features and services.

Have you uploaded more than enough megabytes of photos than the limit of what a free option offers? You may have been into it a few years ago but are no longer now, so why keep paying the cost when you can still avail of the service for free.

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Jessy Troy blogs for HomeLoanFinder, the free Australian-based money-saving tool that allows to easily compare variable home loans.


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