Living a Luxurious Life Cheaply

Living a Luxurious Life Cheaply
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    Who doesn’t want to live a luxurious life?

    Who doesn’t dream of becoming a millionaire overnight?

    Who doesn’t want to own a house in Beverly Hills or spend family vacations in Hawaii?


Unfortunately, not all people are fortunate enough to achieve every feat in their lives.

With the ever-growing rate of inflation it has become almost impossible for a common person to even think of living a luxury life. The average living cost of a single person has reached an inaccessible height, thus, making life very hard to live and maintain it to its standards.

However, most people don’t realize that you don’t need to be a millionaire to live like one. Though I admit, having a bank account with loads of money would be good but this is not what we actually want to live a luxury life.

There are plenty of ways to live a life full of luxuries without spending too much money. Following are some of the examples to help you get started.

Making a Budget

In current times the reason why most people are living from hand to mouth is because of poor budgeting or not even making a budget at all. It is the sole reason why most of them run out of cash within 5-10 days every month.

Make a monthly budget wisely. How much money is required each month for household expenses? This may include some discretionary categories that require choices whether you want to spend your money or not. What are the daily travelling expenses from home to work and vice versa? If there are children, how much is their school fees? All these things should be included in the budget and worked upon. This will help you save some money and you will be able to afford one or two small luxuries of life in your regular monthly budget every month.

Buying a Car

Instead of buying a luxury car such as Ferrari, BMW or Mercedes Benz, get a used Honda Civic. No doubt, these luxury cars have some great features, but all of them can get you from one place to another. So, no need to spend more money in buying a more luxury car if a little cheaper alternative can also get the job done without going over budget.

Shop Wisely

This is where most people fail and fail miserably. They spend on things which they do not even need. In these tough economic times shopping wisely is also one of the most important aspects to live a luxurious life cheaply.

Spending $1000 on buying an HDTV, which is not a priority, without even thinking that there may be a slight chance that the same HDTV would cost $600-$700 on Black Friday deals, can hit your pocket very hard and overall budget.

Watch Movies at Home

Instead of going out to theaters and spending a lot of money on tickets, snacks and drinks, watching movies on your laptop from Netflix can definitely save you money. Trust me; watching movies from the comfort of your home can be the most luxurious feeling you can ever have and that too without spending much.

Tech Gadgets

A lot of people want to have the latest tech gadgets. They want to get their hands on them as soon as they release. Just recently Samsung Galaxy S5 got released; I already have Samsung Galaxy S3. Sure, Galaxy S5 has some nice new features compared to Galaxy S3, but just like S5, my S3 can also perform all the basic task of a cell phone that is call and text and it definitely is a cool looking phone. So why spend $600 on a more luxurious phone if you can get more or less the same thing in $200?


If you don’t have loads of money in your bank account or your father doesn’t have a big business empire to help finance your luxuries of life then don’t get depressed, because following these simple techniques will surely help you have all the luxuries of life without spending too much money.

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