Methods to Avoid When Developing Content for Your Site

Methods to Avoid When Developing Content for Your Site
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    Good, even better, articles and content are, and will always be the best way to develop a slow and steady pace of growth and move up in ranking through your SEO (search engine optimisation).


There are no real quick fixes. Steady and high quality content will cost money. It takes those who have experience in business, and in life, to be able to produce that content. Sure we can all research a little online, but then we are only re-writing something that is already there. Here are some more of those common pitfalls that business owners and manager will make when they are trying reduce the investment of their SEO.

  • Too Hard Too Fast. Plunging huge amounts of money into your online marketing should only be left to the big boys. If you are IBM, Microsoft, or Apple, Nokia, and internationals of that nature, you can afford to load the internet with quality premium articles and dominate your area. Google’s search results have always given weight to an actual brand name and the corresponding website anyway. As for the rest of us, a pragmatic and systematic approach is required. Step-by-step investment from which you see returns can then be re-invested in your online marketing. As your business grows, you can afford to invest more.
  • Cheap Content. Cheap content is everywhere. You can buy articles for 1 dollar apiece if you want. Someone who does not even speak the target language of your client may have written them, and they might not make much sense, but you can buy them. Will they impress and have the effect you are looking for?
  • Language or Knowledge. If you want to develop content in relation to home improvement for example, is it not a good idea to have someone who has worked in the home improvement industry for a number of years producing them? Professional experience is extremely valuable. There is nothing that can compare with real knowledge, and that is evident in articles when someone who has had the experience writes them. Just because someone can write in a language, does not mean they are appropriate for your content base.
  • Avoiding Editorial Assistance. Editorial assistance costs money. There is nothing like a second set of eyes on any piece of content or article. There would only be journalists in magazines if that were the case. Even the best writers in the world will have their work edited. Trying to avoid this is ridiculous.

If you are serious about your site’s reputation, your SEO and online marketing, investing in the publication of top quality content is the only option. Any amount of money spent elsewhere is a total waste.


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