High Speed Internet From Google

High Speed Internet From Google
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    The competition was to see which community would receive the fastest Internet connectivity in the country, all compliments of the search engine giant, Google.

    Google started the competition in 2010, offering communities the chance to prove they were worth the millions of dollars in investment money it was going to take to rewire the entire community.


By Shajan Thomas

And the winner is: Kansas City, Kansas!

Google has promised the Internet improvements would lead to connection speeds “100 times faster” than what most people have today. All they needed was a community to put it in. As it happened, more than 1,100 communities tossed a hat in the ring.

Kansas City is expected to have its Google backed Internet system up and running sometime in 2012.

Expanded Coverage

Once Kansas City is connected, Google has promised to start looking at expanding its service to other cities across the nation. This will lead to even more improvements in the transmission of information, resulting in improved business productivity , and possibly lead to new Internet innovations.

The gradual move from dial-up service to broadband in the past decade has brought about a huge growth in the streaming video industry. Netflix and YouTube would not exist today if everyone still had dial-up connections.

The same can be said of companies such as Skype, which rely on high speed access to provide teleconferencing services and face-to-face communication. Many businesses have saved money by making use of teleconferencing services rather than having to put someone on an airplane and send them halfway around the world.

Of the more than 1,100 cities which tried to get Google to bring the ultra high speed Internet access to them, perhaps the most noticeable effort was put forth by Topeka, just 60 miles or so from Kansas City, and the capital of Kansas. That city actually changed its name to “Google” for an entire month! They were hardly alone when it came to doing back flips for the attention of Google. Other cities submitted YouTube videos, often encouraging its mayor to do something crazy, like swim with sharks or swim in a frozen lake.

Internet Network

It is difficult to gauge what impact the new Google ultra high-speed Internet network will have on the World Wide Web as we all know it, but it seems likely something big will come of it. The new network is estimated to be 100 times faster than what most of us have today. America is known internationally for having some of the slowest connection rates of all wired countries. The Google investment could help turn the tide for the entire nation as other companies see this effort as direct competition and move to attract customers away from them with comparable speeds.

With so many personal digital devices on the market, and the effort to make these ubiquitous devices more powerful by giving them control of other gadgets, it would be easy to see increased Internet speeds leading to a telepresence revolution. With telepresence, a person can take control of a device, like a robot, say, or some other device, and interact with other individuals across great distances. The technology has already been used by some medical professionals and bosses who control distant work spaces. Whatever the future will hold for those communities with 100 times the network speed of the rest of the country, you can bet everyone else will want it.

Author Information

Shajan Thomas has been a google user for the past 10 years and have reviewed many google products from them. He also manages one of the premier Virtual Assistance companies in the US and have helped many clients work with a Virtual Assistant. For more information on what a Virtual Assistant can do for you visit his website.


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