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Business Opportunities

4 Things Work-at-Home Employees Should Know About High Speed Internet

Working remotely has become more common over the past few years, and there are few better remote office locations than the comfort of one’s own home.

Business Services

Invoicing Made Easy: Do it Online

If you are a freelancer or a small business owner, then you know what a hassle it can be to create, send, and manage your invoices. You put your heart into completing your work and that wasn’t the difficult part.

Money Management

10 Money-Saving Tips for Senior Citizens

Several years of economic austerity have taken its toll on America’s seniors. These are individuals that typically live on a fixed income and must keep their costs under control.

Money Management

How to Trim Your Monthly Bills

With a new year may come with it a realization that you do not have the money to balance your budget. You have enough money coming in, but your outgo is simply too large.

Social Media

How to Find the Best SEO Provider

With Google’s Dec. 2013 PageRank export complete, webmasters are scrambling to find out the results and determine what they mean. A number of long-established sites saw their PageRank drop, while many others held steady.

Autos Express

How to Save Hundreds of Dollars on a New Car

Shopping for a new car can be a hassle and many consumers approach the process with dread and with a lack of accurate information. Knowledge is power and when you have a full grasp of the market and prices, saving hundreds, if not thousands of dollars on your purchase is within reach.

The Game of Life

How To Not Miss Your Old Suburban Life

Tweet By Kenneth McCall City Living Means So Much More Than Giving Up Traffic and Your Lawnmower If the rising price of gas doesn’t make your decision to move from

Consumer Tips

Forget Black Friday. Sleep In.

Tweet You’re expected to get up well before the crack of dawn, throw on some clothes and head out to the mall to stand in line for one or two

Consumer Financing

How to Save Money on TV, Internet and Phone

Tweet Bundled Services Other services that can be bundled include your television, Internet connection and phone service. These three, previously handled by separate providers, are now usually handled by one

Travel Tips

How to Find Low Airfares

Tweet Many travelers have decided to take to the air as pump prices have made taking to the road an expensive proposition. However, with airfare costs at the highest levels


One Cool Budgeting Tip that WORKS: Severing Subscriptions

Tweet By Jessy Troy Are you familiar with this scenario? Severing your subscriptions to products and services may be daunting as much as you break off your human relationships. It

Money News

High Speed Internet From Google

Tweet By Shajan Thomas And the winner is: Kansas City, Kansas! Google has promised the Internet improvements would lead to connection speeds “100 times faster” than what most people have

Money Management

Tips for Secure Online Shopping

Tweet By Amy J. Silver Luckily, following a few safety tips can protect both your identity and your savings while allowing you to satisfy your cyber shopping needs. Follow these

Consumer Tips

Easter 2011 Shopping Tips

Easter Sunday is very late this year, arriving on April 24, 2011, the latest date in memory for most people.