7 Energy Saving Tips for the Hottest Days of Summer

7 Energy Saving Tips for the Hottest Days of Summer


The hottest days of summer have hit and, as expected, we have experienced multiple heat waves so far this year. My last electric bill was the highest I’ve seen this year, but we managed to stay comfortable thanks to air-conditioning.

Even as the heat presses in, there are some ways you can save on energy without becoming uncomfortable. I’ve pulled together seven tips, each of which can save you from pennies to perhaps several dollars every day:

  1. Adjust Thermostat — 76 degrees may feel ideal, but the steamy state of Louisiana suggests that 78 degrees is low enough. For every degree increase in thermostat saving, four to eight percent can be saved.
  2. Change Filters — Changing the air-conditioning filter more frequently in hotter weather can ensure that air flows unimpeded. Help your a/c work with less effort and it’ll consumer less electricity.
  3. Ceiling Fans — Use ceiling fans to distribute air more evenly. Your room will feel cooler even if the thermostat is on a higher setting.
  4. Close Up — Ample outside light is welcome, but the heat it brings with it. Pull shades, close blinds and pull curtains together on the sides of the house where direct sun light streams in.
  5. Peak Hours — Running appliances at peak hours will cost your more. Running these same appliances at other times of the day will lower your costs. Check with your utility provider to find out when rates drop to run your dishwasher or clothes dryer.
  6. Fix Leaks — Patching leaks isn’t just a winter-time task. Keep outside air from seeping in and cooler a/c air from leaking out by fixing window seals, door gaskets and checking ventilation connections.
  7. Change Suppliers — If you have a choice in who supplies you with electricity, then find out whose rates are lowest and make a switch.

If your electricity bill is too high, consider going with a budget plan to keep your rates level all year long. Your monthly payments will adjust annually, but at least you won’t be socked with a surprise the month following a heat wave.

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