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Consumer Tips

Good Reasons To Finish Your Christmas Shopping Early

Tweet My mother had a friend who was a consummate Christmas shopper. Unlike some shoppers who started to patronize stores around Thanksgiving, Eileen had her shopping done and presents wrapped

Home Buying Money News

Congress Weighs Modified Home Buyer Tax Credit

Tweet Eligible first time home buyers have enjoyed an $8000 federal tax credit thanks to a program put into place earlier this year. That program comes to an end on

Consumer Tips Money News

ABC News Spotlights Toyota Runaway Problem

Tweet The Toyota Motor Corporation is finding itself in an unfamiliar place as media, consumer groups and government officials examine a problem regarding select Toyota and Lexus models. “Runaway Toyota”

Business Services

What?! You Still Don’t Have A Website?

Tweet We’re nearly a full decade beyond the turn of the millennium, that age when the stars and planets aligned, world peace broke out, and businesses took advantage of their

Consumer Tips

Budgets And Why You Need One

Tweet One of the most despised words for some people is the word budget as it offers to them certain negative connotations such as restrictiveness and deferment. True, a budget

Home Financing

Self Employed? Home Loans For You!

Tweet For the self employed, you know one important way to hold down your tax obligations is to find as many deductibles as possible. After all, you work hard —