What?! You Still Don’t Have A Website?

What?! You Still Don’t Have A Website?


We’re nearly a full decade beyond the turn of the millennium, that age when the stars and planets aligned, world peace broke out, and businesses took advantage of their online presence.

Okay, the first two points are an exaggeration but not the third one: you do have a business website, right?

handshakeSurprisingly, a number of businesses still operate almost completely offline with barely a web page visible to announce what they are all about. Operating without a website in 1999 was risky, but still conceivable. But as we approach 2010, being without a website means your customers simply aren’t finding you.

Yes, the Yellow Pages are still a popular way for businesses to connect with customers, but chances are your younger customers only use those books as door stops or kindling for the fireplace. Mostly everyone under the age of 60 uses the internet while virtually everyone in their 20s and 30s shops exclusively online.

If you’re not plugged in to the world wide web, then you’re missing potential customers. And lost customers mean squandered sales. Can you afford to not have a solid web presence?

There are some basics you need with any site to help you start, build, and advance your web presence including the following:

Domain Name – A domain represents your internet address, the words people will use to find you. For example, if you owned Bob’s Furniture Shoppe, then you would more than likely secure www.bobsfurnitureshoppe.com as your domain name. If you don’t secure your domain your competitors might, redirecting what should be your traffic to their website.

Your Site – Once you have secured your domain name, then you’ll want to begin building your site. At this point, you’ll want to hire someone to do that work for you. They’ll create a home page, as well as About, Contact, FAQs, Links, Articles and other pages to get you started. Certainly, if you have the skills you can do this work yourself, using straight HTML pages or a php based blogging platform such as WordPress to help you get the job done.

Web Hosting – Web hosting plans remain quite inexpensive, costing less than $10 per month for shared hosting. This means that you’ll be able to operate your own site, but you’ll share the internet protocol (I.P.) address with others. Your customers will still be able to find you, whether you have shared hosting or not.

E-Commerce/Sales – Of course, if you plan on conducting business online or reaching customers to complete sales online, then you’ll need to establish an Electronic Commerce or E-Commerce site to expand your business. Your e-Commerce strategy can include a comprehensive channel for information, sales inquiries, sales processing, sales fulfillment, and integrated logistic support. A consultant can help you outline your strategy and manage the process based on your channel objectives and budget.

Opportunity Awaits

Don’t let another decade, year or even a month go by without establishing your web presence or bolstering the site you already own. Your customers are waiting, but you need to give them a clear, online path to help them find you.

Adv. — For help establishing a web presence or to expand your current online business, please contact Krayton M Davis of nBuy Associates for assistance:

T: 804.527.1103
E: kdavis@nbuy.com
W: www.nBuy.com


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