Forget the A/C! Use Fans Instead.

Forget the A/C! Use Fans Instead.

This old fan once served well, but newer models are likely lighter and much more quiet, offering needed cooling to provide maximum comfort.

This old fan once served well, but newer models are likely lighter and much more quiet, offering needed cooling to provide maximum comfort.

Air-conditioning may be comfortable but sometimes it isn’t necessary and it almost always is expensive. When the next heat wave arrives with temperatures pushing up toward 95 degrees, you probably won’t be able to imagine yourself without a/c though you may be tempted to keep it at a low setting in order to enjoy maximum cooling.

While air-conditioning is certainly beneficial, you could still realize significant cooling through the use of fans, especially if the humidity isn’t all that high and temperatures are very warm, although not hot. True, fans alone won’t have much of an effect on lowering air temperature or removing humidity, yet they can work with your home’s air-conditioning unit to lower energy costs while making your home comfortable.

Fabulous Fans For Every Homeowner

Let’s take a look at some of the different types of fans which could be of benefit to you:

Ceiling Fans – What room doesn’t look elegant with a ceiling fan in it? Take an ordinary fan and add an extraordinary light fixture to it and you’ll have a room that is cooler and better lit than a room without a ceiling fan.

Exhaust Fans – Your kitchen exhaust fan can do a terrific job extracting undesirable odors from the home. That smelly swordfish dinner might have tasted great, but the odor is not something you want to have on hand for many days later. By simply running your kitchen exhaust fan while you cook, you can do away with household odors. As for the bathroom, exhaust fans are designed to both remove heat and excess moisture, something that will stop fungus growth and keep the bathroom fresh smelling.

Oscillating Fans – Ceiling fans certainly do a great job of cooling a room, but they aren’t favored by cooks as they can quickly cool off hot food. Instead, an oscillating counter top or floor fan can be a more fitting and wiser cooling device for the kitchen.

Patio Fans – Yes, even the great outdoors can benefit from a fan. Both outdoor ceiling fans or an all-weather oscillating fan can help move air while keeping disease carrying mosquitoes and other insects away from people. Some outdoor fans come equipped with a mister which can cool the surrounding air, bringing it down to a more comfortable level.

Miscellaneous Fans – Your personal computers come equipped with a fan to help keep it cool as do many of today’s electrical devices. Fans offer a great way to control internal temperatures which keeps expensive equipment from being damaged from the heat.

Of course, using fans in replacement of air-conditioning completely doesn’t work in many warmer climes. However, by making good use of fans, you can run your a/c at a higher temperature while still keeping everyone cool and your electrical bill down.

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