Things to Try Before You Throw Out Your Device

Things to Try Before You Throw Out Your Device
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    It's common that as you use devices like your phone or tablet more and more, you might start to encounter issues, especially if they've been damaged in some way.


Whether your smartphone starts to freeze or your tablet is glitching, it can be difficult to use them and remain productive if they’re malfunctioning. However, before you decide to throw out your device, there are a few steps you can take to attempt to restore its function.

Hold the Power Button

One of the first things any IT specialist will tell you to do if you’re having trouble with your electronics is to turn it off and back on again. If you notice your device is glitchy, hold the power button for at least ten seconds or tap the restart button to make it restart.

Restarting devices clears the memory, which should be performed regularly to reduce the risk of issues that can develop when you use your electronics every day all day.

Dry it Out

If your device suffers from water damage due to a spill or being dropped into water, you may have difficulty turning it back on after it has contact with moisture. Time is of the essence here, so getting it out of the water and as dry as you can as soon as you can should be your main priority.

After that comes getting it completely dry. Once the outsides of your phone and the charging port have been dried off, you can start to disassemble your phone to focus on the individual components.

There are a few methods you can use to go about completely drying your phone. There are emergency cell phone kits made for this exact purpose, and they’re easy to buy online.

If you don’t have one on hand, you can instead turn to the classic rice method. This comes with its own set of dangers, as it’s easy to get starch, dust, and rice grains stuck in your phone if you’re not careful, but so long as you keep a watch-out for these this trick should do in a pinch.

A third method would be to simply let the individual pieces of your phone air dry now that they’re not packed together.

Sometimes there’s no saving a phone after it’s been submerged in water, but the quicker you act, the better your chances should be.

Find a Repair Shop

For other forms of damage, it can be difficult to repair your device if you don’t have the right tools or experience. Instead of trying to learn as you go, you can find a local repair shop to schedule an appointment to have the device repaired.

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The technicians there can take apart your tablet or smartphone and can perform an iPad repair to ensure you can continue to use the product.

Although different types of devices can be difficult to diagnose or fix, they can still hold up well over time if the right repairs are performed. Working with an expert can allow you to continue getting more use out of the device and increase its lifespan.

Overall, if you’re encountering problems there are still things you can do to try and save your electronics. As long as you deem it worth it, keep trying until you find a solution that works.

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