Different Types of Special Occasion Speeches

Different Types of Special Occasion Speeches
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    Many special occasions include a well-rounded, entertaining speech by one or more individuals.

    Weddings, funerals, work events, and other ceremonies may designate a speaker to share a few words related to the event.


Regardless of how public speaking makes you feel, consider the different types of special occasion speeches to understand when you’re most likely to give one in your life.


Speeches of introduction are often given to transition between speakers or content within a presentation or event. An individual preparing an introduction speech is likely to include the credentials of the person they’re introducing and what they’ll be talking about. Introduction speeches are typically under two minutes long.

This type of speech is to let the audience know who they’ll be hearing from, how that person is qualified to speak on the topic, and a general idea of the content they will be hearing about.

There are plenty of benefits to giving an introduction speech during an event, including warming up the audience and speaker to one another. 


If you’ve ever watched an award show, then you have almost certainly heard an acceptance speech. Acceptance speeches are given by the recipient of the award, honor, or prize being presented.

Three components are usually tended to by the recipient throughout an acceptance speech. They are:

  • Thanks to those providing the award.
  • Thanks to those who helped them achieve the award.
  • A glimpse at how the award is meaningful to them.

Segmenting an acceptance speech with those three components in mind will ensure the speaker delivers a well-rounded thanks.


Eulogies are delivered at memorial services to honor the person who has passed. A eulogy is usually given by a loved one, though it’s not uncommon for a group leader to deliver the speech if relevant to the deceased.

If you’re responsible for writing a eulogy, utilize these beneficial tips for preparing a eulogy. Of the different types of special occasion speeches, eulogies can be very emotional as well as intimidating. Having a well-written and prepared eulogy can diminish the nerves that those giving the speech typically experience.

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The tone of the eulogy is likely to depend on the person delivering it, their relation to the deceased, and the deceased’s personalities and any of their last wishes. Eulogies are intended to encapsulate the life story of the individual who has passed. They should be engaging and usually powerful, but shouldn’t drag on too long for risk of boring the audience: a good length for a eulogy is under ten minutes.


Farewell speeches, as you may imagine, are for when an individual is leaving one opportunity for another. A farewell speech may be given on someone’s last day on the job, at a graduation party, or at a party dedicated to friends moving across the country.

The goal of a farewell speech is to thank the people in your current environment and speak on intentions for your new opportunity. Farewell speeches often acknowledge the growth someone has experienced during their time in one position and how it has laid the foundation for their future endeavors.

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