Law of Attraction: For the Birds!

Law of Attraction: For the Birds!


Plenty of people in our neighborhood are working diligently to shape up their properties this season. Hard work done now can reap terrific benefits later this summer, making lawn clean up a quick and easy job each week.

For the Love of Birds

bird bathWe’ve discovered that our own love for birds is shared by quite a few neighbors. Some have been birding for years while others are more recent backyard enthusiasts. Lately, we’ve been comparing notes on the best way to attract birds and have come up with three essentials for a successful birding habitat:

Food — Are there few birds in your yard? That could be for one simple reason: you don’t have a ready food source available whether that be suet, food that you set out or naturally growing fruit bearing bushes. The best way to get birds for your yard is to include a combination of food sources and have them set up so that neither predators nor annoying critters (squirrels) can cause harm.  If planting new shrubbery consider those bushes which attract birds including elderberry. Many birds are attracted to wild grapes and blueberries too.

Shelter — Think “cover” and you got exactly what every bird looks for in a yard. Birds need to be able to flee to a clump of bushes or a tall tree to escape predators as well as to find a place to crack tough nuts in your feeder. If your yard lacks cover and you don’t want to wait many years for trees to grow to a full size, consider investing in bird houses which can be placed on top of a wooden pole to provide needed housing.

Water — You may have a water source nearby, perhaps a pond, stream or other water source useful for birds.  Something as simple as a bird bath, whether hanging or pedestal, can increase your bird population. Birds have a sharp eye and can see water shimmering from a bird bath; circulate the water by including a fountain and you’ll give your flying friends one more reason for them to stop by.

Learn What Local Birds Like

Perhaps the best way to plan a birding habitat is to discover what birds in your area like. Safflower, sunflower, corn, niger seed and nutmeats attract a wide variety of birds while suet has all of the fat, fruit, grains and seed that many birds want. Tackle shops carry mealworms which can attract warblers, orioles and other breeds while simply turning over compost can give robins all of the worms they can possibly want.

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Adv. — What you need for around the home: CP outlets, Tool King tools, DeWalt power tools and Little Giant ladders.

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