Home Tips for Keeping Osteoporosis Away

Home Tips for Keeping Osteoporosis Away
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    By using things already available at home for certain ailments, people can reduce traveling time and gas costs.

    There is less stress about having to plan a visit to the doctor or beauty parlor periodically.


The Power of Egg Shells

A recent post on one of the social media websites appealed to me very much. This post had many home tips, and as usual I have forgotten most of them, but a couple of them were difficult to forget. So I am sharing them here.

The first tip is about egg shells. Who would ever have thought that those shells that we discard as waste have so much to offer?

Egg White Facial

For starters, the few drops of raw egg white remaining in the shell can neatly be picked on an old handkerchief, or cotton swab, and applied on face and neck.

The result astonished me. The skin feels smooth and soft. Note that no money was spent on facial. All that I did was apply that little bit of egg white on the face, and left it there till the cooking was done.

Egg Shell Toothpaste

The empty shell can then be washed and boiled. After that grind it into fine powder, and use half teaspoonful daily with toothpaste. You might just find your teeth shining and almost rebuilding.

Egg Shells for Fighting Osteoporosis

There is no harm in swallowing down some of that powder either, especially if you are a woman above 30 years of age. The composition of egg shells resembles the composition of human bones. Inside the body, it mimics the bone, and therefore, the body stops attacking the bones within the body.

The benefit can be huge considering that bone loss is rapid as the person ages, and osteoporosis can be a debilitating health condition. But that is not the only reason you might want to consider empty egg shells. There are many minerals as well in these egg shells.

Other Uses of Egg Shells

You could also use the egg shells like decorations in different corner of your home, and that should keep geckos away. They may also prove to be effective against pigeons though this tip did not work for me.

On the whole, egg shells do not deserve to be in the waste bin at all.

Bonus Tip: Rice Facial

The second tip was about another type of facial. The person who wrote that post, advised that let the rice soak for half an hour or so, after thoroughly having washed it. Do not begin to cook as yet. Wait for about 15 to 20 minutes. After that, take a couple of teaspoons full of that water on rice and apply on skin.

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The result is a smooth and glowing skin. The rice can be boiled as well. The starch layer that starts building up can be collected and used for facials. The water used for soaking lentils or pulses can also be used in the like manner.

By using things already available at home, people can reduce traveling time, and gas costs. There is less stress about having to plan a visit to the beauty parlor periodically.

For those who find it difficult to plan their beauty parlor sessions, these simple tips may mean saving time as well. Since both the methods are natural, there is no fear of side effects.


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