Best Ways to Protect Your Home Against UV Rays and Sun Damage

Best Ways to Protect Your Home Against UV Rays and Sun Damage
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    The issue of Earth’s ozone layer depletion had turned out attention to the detrimental effect Sun’s rays have on our skin and health in general.


Although scientists have yet to determine the extent of this negative effect sun has on us humans, it has been known for centuries that too much sunlight is not good people or things.

Just as you and I can get sunstroke so do inanimate objects feel the consequences of overexposure to the sun. Anything made from plastic, like the flashings on top of your house, become brittle after being exposed to the sun for too long. That is why you really want to protect your home against UV rays and the possible damage sunlight can cause.

Protecting The Window Panes

Imagine purchasing a brand new sofa that loses the color of its fabric after just a couple of years. This is a likely scenario if you keep it near the window where it will be exposed to direct sunlight. The windows are your weak sports because they let sunlight inside the house, allowing it to destroy and fade out pretty much everything you own.

Closing the shades is not always the best option but installing window films is. They have the possibility to block nearly 99% of UV rays, still allowing for natural light to enter the house. Dimmed lights are, therefore, not only intended for cars but you can use then on your house as well.

The Vulnerable Floors

Apart from the furniture, anything made from wood inside your home is prone to sun damage. When you think of wood, you initially have to think of hardwood floors. They cover a large surface area that it is impossible to entirely protect them, not even if you pull a rug or a mat over them.

What you can do is apply pigment-based finishes that contain UV inhibitors. Such chemicals are designed and placed in the market with UV protection especially in mind. In addition, you can follow the age-old rule that darker shades attract sunlight, while lighter deflect it so install floors that are made from lighter kind of wood, like red oak, maple, ash, birch, bamboo, white oak, etc.

Shade Cloths

If you are not comfortable with sticking black film over your house’s windows, then you should consider installing a shade cloth. They are aesthetically much more appealing and are quite durable if you chose the right one. For instance, Coolaroo shade cloth is strong, durable, and basically maintenance-free. As far as the looks are concerned, they come in more than a dozen patterns and hues, like aquamarine, cherry red, navy blue, steel grey, sky blue, etc. If you own a yard or a garden, then a shade cloth will fit in perfectly with the décor, all the while creating a comfy shade to lounge in.

Preserving Family Memories

Losing a sofa to strong sunlight is one thing but having your family photos fade away is a whole different level of calamity. Perhaps this was the only photo of you as a child or a photo of a dear deceased person. Since the last thing you want for these memories is to fade away, you should take active measures to prevent photos from turning white. If they have a glass cover over them, i.e. if they are framed, then you can get UV-blocking acrylic that will deflect strong sunlight.

The same technology is used in museums to protect valuable showpieces from constant artificial light. The same protection technique can be used for wall art such as paintings. The only prerequisite for this tactic to be deployed is the existence of a frame of some sorts.

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Tinted Windows

Foil or film for window panes comes at more than an affordable price so it is accessible to every homeowner. We spoke earlier of the visual downsides of this technique and the advantages shade cloths have but there is one more thing you can do with your windows. After all, the sun does feel hotter shining through the window so there has got to be something that you can do with the glass itself. As a permanent solution to the sun damage problem, you can replace all the windows in the house with low emissivity glass windows or as they are commonly known, tinted windows.

As you have seen from the 5 methods we have listed here, you are not powerless against strong sunlight. The summer months don’t have to be hell on Earth for you if you intervene around the window area. For some, a simple shade cloth will get the job done, while others will resort to more costly solutions like installing tinted windows.

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