4 Ways You Can Reduce Your Energy Usage

4 Ways You Can Reduce Your Energy Usage


Our family no longer lives in the northeastern US, but we have relatives and friends that still do and they’re glad that they haven’t needed to use their air-conditioning all that much this unseasonably cool summer. And that’s a good thing too as cooler weather means that expensive a/c use is curtailed, saving everyone a bundle on their monthly utility bills.

Selecting Energy Star products is one way to help reduce your energy costs.

Selecting Energy Star products is one way to help reduce your energy costs.

But staying warm in the winter means that utility bills will spike, perhaps reaching their highest levels ever thanks to elevated fuel costs. Let’s take a look at some ways you can reduce your energy costs year ’round. Tackle these ideas well before cold weather settles in:

Programmable Thermostats – Most newer homes have them, but if your residence lacks a programmable thermostat, then you’re paying too much for electricity and gas. Costing between $50-100, automatic thermostats do a much better job of regulating household temperature as they can be programmed to kick on and turn off at scheduled intervals. You’ll realize a full return on your investment in three to six months and enjoy energy savings dividends each month to come.

Energy Audit – Some utility companies offer a free energy audit to their customers, so if that is the case for you, then order one. Leaky windows, drafty doors and other problems can be identified which, when repaired by you, will help reduce your energy costs month in and month out.

Change Bulbs – Consider purchasing compact fluorescent bulbs to replace your incandescent bulbs. Up front, you’ll pay more more for these bulbs but they last many times longer and use far less electricity than your traditional light bulbs.

Dress Accordingly – There is something to be said by dressing appropriately during the winter months. Thick socks, warm pants, a colorful cotton sweater and wearing other clothing items appropriate for the season means that you can keep your thermostat lower all winter long. Even electric blankets are much more energy efficient than ever before, just the right sort of thing for people who can’t stand the chill!

How much can you save per month? That depends on how aggressive you are in implementing a plan that is right for you. Still, savings of $25, $50 or more per month is possible, monies you can put to better use than funding your favorite utility company.

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