Are You Planning A Kitchen Redesign For The New Year?

Are You Planning A Kitchen Redesign For The New Year?


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I once worked with someone who was lamenting his wife’s plan to redo their kitchen. She wanted an extensive redesign, which included pushing out two walls, replacing tiles, cabinets and counter tops, and bringing in state-of-the-art equipment including a six burner stove and baker’s oven along with the most amazing sub-zero freezer I had ever heard of. With new lighting, windows and doorway included, the project was going to cost him just over $100,000. When another worker heard about the pending project he added the following words of advice, “Go ahead with the new kitchen, it is cheaper than a divorce.”

Although no marriage should be dependent on a home improvement project or other gift, it is often the granting of a desired wish that promotes marital intimacy. If you are considering a kitchen renovation, you won’t necessarily pay six-figures for your project. There are a number of different ways you can update your kitchen for less money and for more personal satisfaction. Read on and we’ll explore some kitchen design options you can live with.

Most homes that have been around for twenty years or more are due for a kitchen makeover if one hasn’t been done to date. Although not too many people would consider themselves to be chefs, a cook likes to have access to all of the modern conveniences in order to be comfortable in his or her working environment. On the other hand, you know that your kitchen is really dated when the team from “This Old House” shows up at your front door stating that they want to feature your kitchen redesign project in an upcoming episode. Hey, as long as they are paying for your new kitchen cabinets, sink and stove, who cares?

For people not fortunate enough to have their kitchen re-do featured and paid for, a plan that satisfies the gourmand without straining the budget is the way to go. Keep in mind if you plan on selling your home at some point, the look of the kitchen weighs heavily in any buyer’s decision-making.

Kitchen Home Improvement, Step-By-Step

The first step in planning a kitchen renovation project is to determine if you are satisfied with the current work area. If you are, then no structural changes will be needed. If you aren’t satisfied, a wall may have to be moved or removed or part of the kitchen will need to pushed out into the yard.

Next, you’ll want to see if you are satisfied with the current cabinets space. Do you have enough space or are you looking at adding additional cabinets to the kitchen? If you are satisfied with the number of cabinets in place, consider refacing the cabinets instead of replacing them. All new cabinets can add 10-30,000 dollars to the cost of your kitchen remodeling. Cabin refacing can cost between 2-5 thousand dollars.

Counter tops usually need to be replaced periodically as they are subject to wear and tear as well as to style changes. Granite counters and engineered stone are beautiful, but expensive. Laminates and ceramic tile are much more reasonable, but more difficult to clean. Butcher block looks great but you’ll have to maintain these counter tops by sanding and resealing as needed. Stainless steel is perfect for hot pans, but noisy and expensive. Soapstone, concrete and marble are some other choices worth considering.

Your kitchen hood should match the stove, so why not replace both of these items at the same time? Gas ranges start at around $500, but can easily top $2000 depending on number of burners selected and oven space. Yes, some of those baker quality stoves will set you back tens of thousands of dollars. A matching hood should cost no more than $500 for most standard ovens. Add in additional costs if duct work needs to be redone or reconfigured.

Floor tiling can add thousands of dollars to your kitchen redesign project depending on tiles selected and your kitchen’s square footage. You may also want to consider backsplash tiling that will match your floor and the counter tops. Popular tiling used in kitchens today include slate, granite, porcelain, ceramic, terra cotta, marble, glass, engineered stone, and concrete. Prices will range from a dollar or two per square foot for slate tiles to over ten dollars per square foot for glass, granite or marble.

Are you satisfied with your current refrigeration? How about the dish washer, sink, and garbage disposer? A basic white refrigerator/freezer can be had for less than $500 through most any big box retailer while some elaborate stainless steel side by side models will run as much as $6000. Expect to pay tens of thousands for a Sub-Zero freezer if that is the direction you want to take.

Sinks, lighting, seating, disposal, and decorative trim are some of the points to consider when renovating your kitchen. Yes, your project’s price range can vary from just under ten thousand dollars to well over six figures. For someone who spends a lot of time in the kitchen, a kitchen home improvement project could be the way to go. Finally, you will want to consider how your new kitchen will add value to your home and whether you will recoup that investment if you were to sell your home.


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