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Tax Tips

End of Year Tax Prep for Entrepreneurs

Tweet Taxes are complicated but they don’t have to kill your holiday vibe. With a little guidance, tax season can be easy and stress free. To help your business prepare

Tax Tips

Tax Software: Should You Do It Yourself?

Tweet With the former choice, you can ensure that the person that does your taxes knows what he or she is doing. With the latter, you risk making important mistakes,

Tax Tips

How to Pay Your Quarterly Estimated Taxes

Tweet Estimating and paying your quarterly federal taxes. Local taxes, too, sometimes must be paid, giving self-employed individuals a lot to keep track of during the course of the calendar

Tax Tips

4 Steps For Effective Tax Preparation

Over the past few weeks, we’ve been discussing tax preparation from time to time here on SayEducate.com. That’s important because if you find yourself still needing certain forms in early February, you will need to do some follow up work.

Consumer Tips

Online Tax Paying Continues To Surge In Popularity

Tweet The days of going to a local tax preparer to have him or her submit your data to the state and federal governments aren’t over, but thanks to online