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5 Things to Consider Investing In This Year

Determining which investments to make to grow your money these days can be a real challenge. Simple research into the available investment options is enough to drive you crazy as they are countless.


Electronic Traded Funds – How Much Are You Really Aware Of?

Similar to mutual funds but trading like stocks, an electronic traded fund (ETF) is a marketable security that keeps track of an index, commodity, bonds or assets as an index fund.


Understanding the Different Types of Ownership Investment

Ownership investment, also known as contributed capital refers to the amount of money or assets that an individual contributes towards a company. This may be for the purpose of starting it or to continue running it. This is the most profitable type of investment.


What Are Mutual Funds and How Do They Work for the Average Person?

Mutual funds have become very popular in the last 20 years. But why have they become so popular? Simply put, they are a way for the average investor (read : us) to get a chunk of the market, without reading 10 finance books, getting a PhD in Economics or sitting all day reading news from Wall Street.


Stock Insurance is an Essential Asset for Your Firm

Stock is a financial term which relates to residual assets that are basically shares of a company held by groups or individuals.


Smart Money: How to Invest With What You Got

You do not need to have great sums of money to start investing. Just to set the record straight, investments go beyond typical savings accounts, money market accounts and other low yielding funds.

Money Management

How to Minimize Your Investment Risk

Tweet With investments, your money is not insured and can grow much more rapidly and may outstrip the inflation rate. Building savings is typically chosen for liquid and short-term goals.

Money Management

How to Discover Your Risk Tolerance for Investing

Tweet By Bill Martin But no one can tell you what is too conservative or too risky for you. (It is literally against the law for anyone but you to

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Sage Financial Advice From The Wall Street Journal

Tweet Scanning through the Wall Street Journal recently I came upon an article that answered many of the questions I had about the current economic meltdown. The article which was