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Social Media

Facebook: 500 Million Users Later

Tweet Six years after its founding, Internet phenom Facebook has reached an almost incomprehensible milestone: 500 million global users.  On July 21, Facebook founder and current CEO/President Mark Zuckerberg made

Social Media

Facebook Dislike: Sure, Why Not?

Tweet Mashable analyst thinks Zuckerburg is all wet. Most social media sites allow users to like or dislike a page, offering a prominent “thumbs up” or “thumbs down” symbol for

Social Media

Facebook Responds to Privacy Concerns

Tweet Talk about responding to flak: Facebook appears to have finally realized that user privacy concerns about its amazingly popular social networking platform were worth heeding. On Wednesday, Facebook Founder

Money News

Facebook Slow To Consider Going Public

Tweet Facebook continues to grow at a meteoric pace with some 400 million people registered with the world’s most popular social networking site. But what Facebook isn’t rushing to do