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Here are the 3 Best Investments for 2018

We often wonder about doing investment for safe and continuous financial returns without engaging in the hassle of doing the business ourselves. People across the globe look for safe options to secure their future.


Why Are Gold and Silver Good Investments To Consider?

There’s a great history of gold being used as currency and an investment. However, using gold and silver in such a manner isn’t entirely a thing of the past and there are good reasons to do so even today.

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How to Sell Your Gold Jewelry to Gold Buyers

Tweet For starters, the price of gold is usually hard to rate. Sometimes it is based on supply and demand while other times it will depend on the stocks. That’s


5 Key Factors to Consider When Choosing a Gold IRA Custodian

Tweet It’s therefore very important to know how to identify the best custodian for your investment. Here are 5 key things to consider: 1. Proven Track Record The track record


5 Reasons Why Gold IRA Is An Excellent Investment Choice

Tweet Regardless of age, any investor can benefit significantly from buying a gold-backed IRA. Here are some of the key benefits: 1. Investment Diversity One of the most important reasons


Recent Development in Gold Trading Worldwide

Gold, the world’s favorite precious metal, has known quite some volatile times recently. The metal caught the market’s attention for a multitude of reasons we will discuss in the following article. If you want to invest in Gold in 2016, here are some things you need to know.

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Currency Wars Make Precious Metals Valuable Investment

The G20 Summit held in Moscow on February 15 and 16 brought together the world's finance ministers and central bank governors in an attempt to quell the burgeoning fiat wars.


The Idea Of Gold Investment

Tweet Of course, not everybody is comfortable with investments, and it is certainly necessary to learn about an industry, resource, etc. before investing in it. However, if you do wish

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5 Tips on Selling Gold for Cash

Tweet What you need to know about selling gold. The demand for gold means that there are buyers out there, people who will pay you top dollar for your coins,

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How to Sell Gold for Cash for the Holidays

Tweet By Abbey Fay The holiday spirit is in the air. Everywhere you go you can see tinsel, flashing lights, glitter and glamour sparkling from shop windows. It’s a merry