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Retirement Planning

Prepping for Your Future: How to Plan for Retirement

Did you know that the average person will be retired for 20 years? That means that you need to have enough savings to provide you with 20 years worth of income.


To Accept or Decline an Early Retirement Benefit Buyout?

Corporate downsizing has become a pretty common trend in the modern business world. Sadly, such strategies leave employees jobless with little or no cash to start over.

Retirement Planning

Retirement Planner – The Amazingly Simple 5Ws (and 1H) Formula for Retirement Planning

The 5Ws (and 1H) is a simple information-gathering concept used in journalism, research, and even police investigations! It is a useful formula for getting the “full” story on something, even your retirement!


5 Life Decisions that Lead to Early Retirement and Happy Living!

There are two common denominators when it comes to the working class. Those are planning for their future and retirement. Early retirement is the ideal, but how does one achieve that?


Early Retirement Considerations

Early retirement may be out of the question for most people, but younger adults with a strong savings regimen in place may be able to leave the workforce by the time that they are 55.