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What’s It Worth? Common Home Projects and the Value They Add to Your House

If you are like most Americans, your family home is the single biggest investment you will make in your life. Many people sink every penny of their wealth and credit into purchasing their home and renovating it as necessary.

Home Improvement

Simple Gutter Repairs You Can Handle Yourself

Tweet We replaced the gutters on our home less than two years ago when we had the roof replaced. Good thing too: the gutters were in bad shape, leaking in

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Getting Your Home Ready To Sell

Tweet Homeowners who are preparing to put their houses on the market are understandably nervous these days. Will a buyer be found? Will they be approved for a mortgage? This

Home Tips

Enjoying The Outdoors, One Patio At A Time

Tweet Once the month of June rolls around, homeowners are able to spend more time outside of their homes than inside. Sure, hot days, rain, bugs, and other petty annoyances