Enjoying The Outdoors, One Patio At A Time

Enjoying The Outdoors, One Patio At A Time


Once the month of June rolls around, homeowners are able to spend more time outside of their homes than inside. Sure, hot days, rain, bugs, and other petty annoyances can nix those plans, but when conditions are favorable chaise loungethere isn’t anything better to do than being able to sit outside, reading a book while relaxing on your comfortable patio furniture.

Outdoor furniture has certainly become more sophisticated over the years as people want to bring indoor comfort outside. No web folding chairs for the outdoor enthusiast, rather a chaise lounge, outdoor bars, and even patio heaters to ward off nighttime chill are some of the favorite fixtures for decks, patios, and other outdoor gathering spots.

When shopping for outdoor furniture, there are some things you’ll want to keep in mind:

1. How much furniture and where to put it? If you have an area in mind where you want your furniture to be placed, then lay out the number of seats you need for entertaining. A mix/match of chairs and couches will do, furniture which can be easily moved around and doesn’t need to be covered when it rains.

2. What kind of care and what type of warranty is included? Will your furniture have to be covered in the event that it rains or will simply bringing in the cushions be all that you need to do? Water resistance is the key; also consider how your furniture will hold up down through the years from direct sunlight.

3. What style furniture do you want? Wicker has remained popular through the years, while wrought iron and wood have their place too. Many homeowners prefer durable polymer furniture, finding these pieces to be especially weather resistant and easier to move.

4. Where will you shop for furniture? Lots of stores have outdoor furniture on display this time of year, but not all furniture is created equally nor priced similarly. Find the style of furniture you want and then shop for the best price. Consider customer service too — if a piece breaks will the store accept your return or will you have to deal with the manufacturer directly?

The best buys for outdoor furniture are toward the end of the season which is usually any time after July 4th. Though there is plenty of summer weather left, stores begin to slash prices in a bid to move inventory to make way for Fall items. If you are looking to save additional money, consider an “eclectic” look of mix and match pieces — you’ll save money while still enjoying what you own.


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  1. ePatio Place
    ePatio Place 6 June, 2008, 15:43

    Patio Tips: Tips On Updating Your Patio Furniture

    It is true that outdoor patio furniture is meant to last a while, but if your patio chairs are rusted and corroded and if your backyard table has been around for more than twenty years then that’s crossing the line. Your friends are starting to avoid your get-togethers because they don’t want to sit on those hazardous seats. Maybe it’s time you looked into upgrading your outdoor patio furniture, for everyone’s sake.

    If you’re unsure of what kind of outdoor patio furniture to invest in, there are plenty of options available. The basics begin with wood outdoor patio furniture made from cherry or white cedar. These woods will need to be varnished every couple of years, as well as stored safely during the winter months. They are somewhat weather-resistant, but do need some upkeep on a regular basis. However, these beautiful woods will last longer than the metal deathtrap you probably call a patio table. For that rustic quality without the rust, redwood, pine and white cedar outdoor patio furniture are the right choice.

    Poly-wood is another viable option that doesn’t require that much maintenance and is easy to clean; it’s a perfect choice for those summertime picnics in the backyard. What’s so amazing about poly-wood is that it’s practically weather-proof, and constructed from post-consumer recycled plastics. That’s right all the materials used in poly-wood come from your recycled water bottles so while buying outdoor patio furniture you’ll also be helping the environment.

    For those that want to start fresh by serving up burgers on a truly great outdoor patio furniture set, go for teak. Teak is found in Southeast Asia and Indonesia and has some fantastic renewable properties. Many teak outdoor patio furniture sets are sustainably harvested, meaning that they are harvested in an eco-friendly manner. Teak outdoor patio furniture resists the elements and needs little or no maintenance, and ages beautifully from a fine wood into a silver-gray color.

  2. polywood
    polywood 6 August, 2008, 14:59

    I actually own a polywood outdoor dining set for my condo in Orlando, FL. It’s been there for 4 years and still has not faded. I do confess I store it inside in the winter season but overall it’s out in the sun most of the time. Highly recommend.

    This eco-friendly furniture also goes well with my Prius in terms of being ecologically friendly.

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