Air Conditioning Maintenance For Cool Summer Living

Air Conditioning Maintenance For Cool Summer Living


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How has your summer been so far? Maybe a better question to ask is this one: how hot has your summer been? If you have central air-conditioning or even trusty window units, then your home probably is keeping you cool and comfortable even when outdoor temperatures swelter.

Your a/c unit, though a technological marvel, needs regular care and maintenance. Also, your home needs to do its part to keep the cool in and the hot out. Let’s take a look at some tips at how you can make your unit work efficiently and save you money on your electric bill:

Use A Programmable Thermostat — A timer can kick in at just the right time, bringing in cool air moments before you arrive home for the day and automatically adjust upward soon after you leave for work. By programming your a/c, you’ll cool your home only when it needs to be cooled, saving you money.

Change Filter — Help your a/c run efficiently by periodically changing the filter. A clean filter works in harmony with your unit; a dirty filter will cause it to work harder, using more electricity in the process.

Keep It Maintained — An annual maintenance of your unit will cost you around $125 but it will pay off in a unit that runs more efficiently, pollutes less, and lasts longer.

Improve Insulation — Is your home properly insulated? If it is, then your a/c unit won’t work as hard to bring you a cool house, but if it isn’t look for gaps around windows and doors, close up blinds and shades during the day, and keep doors open to all of the rooms.

Keep Them Free — Inside, you want your air ducts to be free of obstruction in order to deliver cool air to your home, but you’ll also want the condenser to be free of leaves, yard waste, shrubbery or any other obstructions which can get in the way.

Replace Your Unit — Older units are much less efficient than the ones available today. Contemporary units all come with a SEER rating — Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio — which determines how efficient your equipment works.  Some newer units can pay for themselves over time as they deliver energy savings for you.

Many people cannot imagine living without air-conditioning especially folks suffering from medical conditions, the very young, and the elderly. When summer heats weighs in you’ll want your a/c to respond accordingly — keep it in top shape and it’ll provide you with many years of indoor climate control.

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