How To Keep Your Kids Occupied While Working at Home

How To Keep Your Kids Occupied While Working at Home
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    Even after lockdown, work and childcare can clash, as bored kids can interrupt board meetings.

    Here's how to keep your kids occupied while working at home.


Even after lockdown, there will be times when you need to balance work with parenthood. It’s nice to be needed, but kids don’t have the same sense of time and place adults do. Looking for ways to keep those little hands and brains occupied while you get stuff done?

Here’s how to keep your younger kids occupied while working at home — cutting down on screen time, inspiring them, and giving them great habits they can carry through life.

Set Up a “Workspace” Near Your Own

Children should be seen and heard. But it’s hard to get stuff done when you’re wondering where they are and what they’re up to, and nothing is more distracting than the sound of something (or someone) falling and crying.

Keep kids in sight by setting up a little desk with paper, pencils, crayons, glue sticks, stickers, and more near your own where they can “work” beside you.

Note: a cup of “coffee” (milk, juice, cocoa, or water) in a mug like yours is a nice touch. As for their assignments…

Put on an Art Show

Kids like structure. Telling them to draw, write a story, make sculptures out of clay, or what have you is fine, but without a goal, they can quickly lose interest.

Set up a “gallery” on a little-used shelf or wall and tell your child you need them to produce an “art show” with at least five pieces. Consider printing out a prize certificate or medal for the painting, sculpture, or whatever piece you like best.

Write and Draw a Book

Kids love to create things that look like the real deal. Do-it-yourself picture books keep kids busy and give them something they can keep on their bookshelf. They’re easy to make too.

Stack 20 pieces of printer paper and staple them together on the left side. Ask your child to fill the inside pages with words and pictures. They can tell a story, create a picture book, or just fill it with stickers. It helps to provide a theme, like food, heroes, animals, vacation, or the like.

Get Organized!

They may not be ready to clean their rooms on their own, but little kids love to organize small things. Sorting through a large pile of Lego pieces, buttons, pencils, erasers, paper clips, and so forth and placing them in individual cups can be irresistible to a small child who wants to be a good little helper to you.

Instant Puzzle

Probably the easiest one of all, print out a picture of something your child loves, then cut it up into a simple puzzle. For a real challenge, stack four pictures, cut them up, and jumble the pieces.

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If you have an unused frame somewhere, glue or tape the finished puzzle together and frame it for their room. If possible, personalize it by scanning, printing, and “puzzlefying” a family photo, a picture of a pet, or your child’s school photo. They’ll love it.

That’s just the tip of the iceberg for how to keep your kids occupied while working at home. Much as you’d like to spend every moment with them, it’s not always possible, particularly when work calls. Still, there are always opportunities to keep them busy while creating happy memories!

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