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How to Finance a Car With No Credit

You can utilize a credit or debit card to obtain the money for your auto loan if your line of credit is strong enough. But is that smart?


Adulting 101: How to Finance a Car

At some point, you may need to buy a car. Perhaps adulting has hit you hard, and a car has become vital.

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Cars Are No More A Luxury Item, Thanks To Car Finance

Until a decade ago, cars use to be a luxury item that was meant only for rich people. Nowadays, it is not only a luxury item, but it is a need of the people.


Car Loans and Credit: How They Can Affect Each Other

Making a large purchase on credit is a complex event which can affect your finances in many different and sometimes confusing ways.

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4 Year End Car Buying Tips

If you are considering buying a new car, the last week of the calendar year plus the first few days of the new year are an optimum time to buy a new car. The days on either side of the new year are counted with the most recent calendar year’s sales with most automakers vying to increase those sales before the books close on Jan. 2nd or 3rd

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Should You Take the Rebate or the Auto Financing?

Tweet If you’re planning to buy a new car, more than likely the dealer will offer you some sort of incentive to help persuade you to buy. Incentives usually always

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Auto Financing 101: The Basics

Tweet You have your eye on a new car and think that you can swing the monthly payments. You may be considering trading in your current car and/or you may

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Stimulus Provision Could Save Car Buyers Hundreds

Tweet The US car industry is in the worst shape since the early 1980s, with sales for some manufacturers off by more than 30% compared to a year ago. Credit

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Forget December! Car Deals Abound In October.

Tweet After tallying up September 2008 new car sales, automotive manufacturers quickly concluded that waiting until December to run calendar year ending sales just wasn’t going to cut it, especially

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New Car Incentives Continue To Grow, Expand

Tweet The rocky economy has something going for consumers, especially those in the market for new cars. End of model year incentives will be terrific, providing the opportunity for savvy

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Unearthing Terrific Deals On Luxury Cars

Tweet The recent drop in car sales for the month of January 2008 (4.3% according to Autodata Corp. which tracks auto sales) wasn’t a surprise to industry experts. Mostly everyone

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Finding & Buying Your Next Car

Tweet What are your financing options? Last month, a few weeks before the year came to a close, I decided to track via my auto blog many of the major