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Your Mulch Primer For Fun Gardening

Tweet I am by no means an avid gardener. Though my parents had green thumbs and met while working at a seed company, I must not have spent too much

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Outside Water Conservation Done Right

Tweet My region of the country is finally seeing the end of a drought which lasted for more than one year. At its peak, all outside watering was canceled except

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Are Bug Zappers Worth The Jolt?

Tweet It happens as soon as warm weather arrives — bugs, tons of them reappear after a long winter’s hiatus. As temperatures warm up the insect population increases bringing out

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What Type Of Air Conditioning For Your Home?

Tweet Central air-conditioning is a wonderful feature found in most new homes across the nation. Even in areas of the country where hot days are few and far between, many

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Renter’s Insurance Is A Must!

Tweet Although homeownership rates peaked at nearly 70% of U.S. households recently, quite a few Americans are renting. Many are doing so by choice too. Homeownership isn’t always out the

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You Can Prevent A Household Fire

Tweet One of the scariest experiences I went through growing up was a household fire. It was just one week before Christmas, a howling wind was blowing, and suddenly a

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Finishing A Basement Adds Value To A Home

Tweet Many homes are built with unfinished basements as this is the one area of the home least used by homeowners throughout the course of the day. Even the lowly

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Back Yard Sheds: An Excellent Space Manager

Tweet It is true that we Americans have an awful lot of stuff. We are true consumers, buying so many of the things that catch our eyes. Truly, do we

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Buying Your Pre-Construction Condo

Tweet In some areas of the country, the condominium market has crashed as a huge surplus of defaulted or unsold homes has wreaked havoc on the market. One market that

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Small Home Projects Which Add Value To Your Home

Tweet Not every homeowner has the deep pockets to carry out an extensive home improvement project, but there are several smaller jobs you can do which will add value to

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Copper Rain Gutters For A Fashionable Look

Tweet You don’t see them on too many homes, but when you find a home with spanking new copper rain gutters present, you quickly notice the difference. Elegant and stylish,

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Maintain Your Water Heater & Save Money

Tweet A water heater is the one appliance that gets no respect — until it quits working. Silently, almost effortlessly doing its job behind scenes, your home’s water heater faithfully

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Clean Out The Clutter & Hold A Yard Sale

Tweet Quick, what are some of the favorite past times for Americans? If you named baseball, cook outs, and Disney vacations then you’d have picked three that definitely fit. Allow

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You Can Track Local Crime Online

Tweet Today’s mobile-high tech society means that your next door neighbor could be a complete stranger to you, an oddity of our times. We’re better connected with online “friends” in

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Financing Guides Are A Smart Idea

Tweet Before you take out a loan, apply for credit or consider any other borrowing mechanism, how thorough are you in researching all of your options? With the internet, it