5 Ways to Improve Your Productivity & Protect Your Health at Work

5 Ways to Improve Your Productivity & Protect Your Health at Work
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    Transitioning back into the office amid COVID-19 can be challenging, no matter what industry you work in.

    After being at home for an extended period, it is completely normal to feel overwhelmed while navigating your health, wellness, and productivity at work.


There are many traditional solutions to these matters such as washing your hands, taking vitamins, and getting a good night’s sleep.

However, there are also an array of small lifestyle changes that you can adapt in order to make the most out of your days and feel your best on the job.

Adopt Healthy Habits

During a mid-day slump, it is almost instinct to reach for something sugary and sweet to boost your energy levels. Unfortunately, as good as they may taste, many candies can make you feel much more tired and sluggish over time. Instead, a great solution is to reach for something more nutritious such as fruit or yogurt.

Not only will you be able to satisfy your sweet tooth, but you will sustain your energy much longer throughout the day. The ingredients in fruits and yogurts also tend to fill you up more, so you won’t need as many snack breaks during the day. You can also mix the two together for a sweet and nourishing combination.

Dress for Success

In addition to looking good, you will feel fantastic! Studies have shown that dressing up not only makes others perceive you better, but it can make you feel more confident and productive as well.

Investing in staple pieces for your work wardrobe that you are able to interchange seamlessly can help make your style more timeless and professional.

Not only will you feel more positive about yourself, but you will leave a lasting impression on your co-workers and clients.

Other great features about timeless pieces are that they give you the chance to create your own personal style while playing around with various accessories.

Prevent Eye Strain

Eye health is one of the things that many tend to overlook until necessary, however, preventing strain is more important than ever in today’s world. While working in front of a digital screen all day (computers, smartphones, tablets, etc.), our eyes are at an extremely higher risk of irritation due to the harsh lighting. It is always important to remember to take small screen breaks throughout the day to recharge your mind and increase productivity.

A great way to even further combat eye strain is by wearing blue light glasses. There are a variety of blue light glasses to buy online that will not only benefit your eye health, but also add a stylish feature to your look.

These glasses are beneficial for reducing eye strain, decreasing headaches, and even improving your sleep patterns when used before bedtime.

Stay Active Throughout the Day

One of the most important things you can do to increase your energy is to be active. Although many may find it somewhat impossible to exercise at a desk job, there are several ways to achieve some physical activity throughout the day.

Instead of sitting on your phone during breaks, going for a walk around your office building indoors or outdoors can refresh you in a completely different way.

Another great way to maintain movement throughout your workday is to opt for taking the stairs instead of the elevator. Though the elevator may seem appealing, when you take the stairs, you move your entire body.

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Not only are you working out your legs, but your core experiences a big impact as well. Staying active is also great for your internal health, as studies have shown that over a long period of time, that small change of taking the stairs can decrease heart disease and other illnesses that can accelerate due to lack of exercise.

Ask for Help

By now, you’re probably aware that communication is one of the most important skills needed to succeed at your job, so it should come as no surprise that it also plays a pivotal role in improving productivity and protecting your mental health. Effective communication in the workplace is vital.

When there is a lack of communication, stress levels increase, and your overall health can be impacted.

Whether it is verbal or nonverbal, understanding the importance of clear, effective, and concise communication is one of the strongest assets that an employee can have.

Asking questions is never a sign of weakness or defeat, it is a massive strength and shows those around you that you are a productive thinker and listener.

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