5 Ways to Save Money On Your Next Family Move

5 Ways to Save Money On Your Next Family Move
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    Moving can be extremely stressful, but it doesn't have to be expensive.

    Start as soon as you know that it's time to relocate and start sorting what to move, what to sell, and what to donate.


Put a notebook in a cloth bag and use it to track your to-do lists and stash your receipts.

Collect, Don’t Buy, Boxes

While the world goes paperless, there are still many businesses that require paper each day. Many of these organizations wind up with boxes that they then have to pay to recycle or have carted off.

Call nearby

  1. accounting firms
  2. lawyer’s offices

and ask to speak to the office manager. Ask if they have paper boxes that you can pick up, at their convenience, and set a time to collect the boxes they would otherwise have to recycle

Over time, this can give you a large collection of uniform boxes for books, toys, and other durable items.

Only Pack What You Want to Move

A lot of the things that accumulate in our homes stay there thanks to inertia. Your move is the time to make sure that you only take what you want into your next living space. Don’t waste time and fuel packing and hauling items you no longer want or need.

For the most efficient sorting process, enter each room with a

  1. box for items you plan to sell
  2. white trash bag for items to donate
  3. black trash bag for garbage
  4. plastic bin for items to take with you

If you don’t have a bin, don’t worry. Grab another box and use that. This culling process can be challenging if you’re tired; you’ll be making a lot of decisions in a very short time. Try to do this in the morning.

Work your way around the room clockwise. Pick up each item, decide, and sort immediately. Trust your instincts; even if you wind up selling or donating something that you planned to hang onto, you can probably find a replacement.

Sell Items With Life Left in Them

If you need to raise money for your move, post furniture items as soon as you have them emptied. Getting rid of large items can actually be easier than small pieces or individual garments.

Many people use an online marketplace to sell items they no longer want or need. If you need to pack quickly, you may have better luck finding a local consignment store or using ThredUp as a way to get things out of your house. While you may make more selling individual pieces, you will have to manage the inventory in-house.

Accept Help

If you’re avoiding picking up groceries to reduce waste and expense on moving day, you may be tired of weird casserole combinations out of the freezer. If your friends offer to help with your move, ask for a meal.

See if they can take your children for a morning so you can get some packing done. Grab the leash and ask them to walk the dog.

Moving is incredibly stressful for children and pets. If you need to go through the toy room or your child’s closet but just can’t get it done with your little helpers, see if your friends can either come over and entertain the children or take them out for the day.

Finally, if you don’t have a suitcase for each member of the family, ask to borrow. Moving day will be much easier if everyone has a suitcase that includes bedding, a towel, pajamas, and a change of clothing. You won’t have to unpack boxes to go to bed if you have enough suitcases.

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Hire Professionals for the Big Stuff

Do hire professionals for the large items. Avoid injuring your friends and family with an online moving quote for large cabinets, pianos, and the like.

Not only will these folks have the skills to move your heaviest items, but they will have the safety gear and insurance to cover themselves if something goes wrong. When the big stuff is in the truck, your friends can help stock the paper boxes as needed.

Moving on the cheap is possible, but you will have to start early and do some serious planning. Set up a box tower for empties so when you have a second to pack you can get started. Find a yard sale that you can join or have one on your own.

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