5 Essential Moving Tips for People with Disabilities

5 Essential Moving Tips for People with Disabilities
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    Moving is a stressful time for a lot of people.

    You have to pack up all of your belongings into boxes, deciding whether each item is worth keeping or not, regardless of sentimentality.


You have to figure out a way to get it to a new place, and then you have to unpack it all and put it away again. It’s exciting but it’s quite annoying, and for people with disabilities, it tends to be an even more stressful situation. If you’re about to move, follow these key moving tips for people with disabilities. Make it easier for yourself—check them out!

Start Packing Sooner Rather Than Later

The packing process is the worst part for a lot of people. The sooner you start packing things up, the better. It gives you more time to decide what you do and do not need to bring with you to the new place. Plus, it helps ensure a less stressful night the day before the move.

Some additional packing tips: make sure that you label every single box and put the essentials in last, so that you don’t have to search too hard for prescriptions and the like.

Hire Movers to Help

Even if you have one person that’s not in a wheelchair for the move, you’ll still want the additional helping hands. Make the moving process even easier on yourself and your loved ones and hire movers to help.

It may be a bit pricy, but the advantages make it well worth it. Where it would take you and your friends say six hours, movers can cut that in half!

Do some research before deciding to make sure you’re picking a company with a credible reputation.

Keep Track of Essentials

Like we mentioned, it’s going to make the move a lot easier if you put essential boxes in last. Better yet, don’t even put the night and morning essentials in a box, so that you have them right when you need them.

This will make it easier for the day after the move, but also ensures that those with disabilities feel comfortable right when they get to the new home. Ask people with disabilities where they would like these essentials placed before moving so that they feel more at ease.

Pack an Overnight Bag

One of the best ways to keep track of essentials is by packing an overnight bag. This is important for those without disabilities as well—it makes the whole moving experience much less stressful. Pack clothes, medicine, special items that bring about calm, hygiene essentials, and whatever else you think is necessary to ensure a relaxing first night in the new home.

other valuable tips:

Figure Out Accessibility Before

Most importantly, figure out the accessibility of the place you’re moving to before you go. In the most basic sense, make sure you figure out where you can park the car while moving—for example, even if you have a handicap placard, you still can’t park in a loading zone. In a larger sense, make sure there are easy, accessible ways for people with disabilities and wheelchairs to get in and out of the building safely.

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