9 Money Habits of Financially Successful Couples

9 Money Habits of Financially Successful Couples
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    While money can't buy you love, it definitely can make things easier when you find your other half.


Unfortunately, the opposite of this is true, too. Money issues are one of the top contributors to divorce. Statistics show that 36.1% of people claim financial problems as their reason for divorce.

You might think that this means lack of money causes divorce. In reality, though, it’s just as common to find abundantly rich people in this boat, too.

What tears couples apart and binds them together tighter is how they handle the resources they have. Yes, money habits are make-or-break.

If your goal is to become a financially successful power couple, use these tips to adjust your money habits early.

1. Know Your Belief System

The first step on the path to surefire economic success is to change what you know about money. These include lessons you internalized growing up and active beliefs you adjusted to as you became an adult.

It sounds like a bunch of hokey, but some of the most famous financial experts swear that this obstacle keeps you broke.

Your limiting beliefs may be preventing you from experiencing economic success. Power couples recognize this and tackle those issues before they get run over by them.

Some of the most common financial limiting beliefs include:

  • You can’t make money doing what you love (that makes it a hobby).
  • You can only make money if you work hard.
  • Money causes nothing but problems.
  • Whether or not you get rich is not something you can control.
  • You can’t be happy and be rich at the same time.

Do any of these sound like thoughts you tell yourself? If so, you need to control those invalid beliefs and write your own story for financial success.

2. Be Open and Active About Learning

As Oscar Wilde penned, “You can never be overdressed or overeducated.”

This quote rings true for people who have shown up to professional events dressed for success and seen people in jeans. The right (or wrong) people will notice how much effort you do or don’t put into your appearance.

The same idea applies to how well you hold yourself in a conversation. If you’re always listening to speak or talking over others, you perceive you sound smart. They probably see you as an arrogant buffoon.

You rarely find a rich person who doesn’t have a lot of knowledge in at least a few areas. But, in a get-together, they’re usually the ones listening, not speaking.

The more you listen and learn, the more knowledge you have to reach your goals. Couples that are financially sound get educated and educate each other.

3. Talk About Each Others’ Money Habits

Get to know the spending style of your partner before you get serious. This should be right up at the top of the list of things to do. Those successful couples you want to emulate get this done and out of the way early.

Some essential relationship deal breakers come when you have serious conversations. Religion and parenting styles are two colossal topics you can’t ignore if you want to have a successful relationship. Money habits are the discussion to have right behind those.

4. Choose an “In-Charge” Person

In a powerhouse financial couple, both people know what’s going on with their money. But only one is in charge of actually doling out the bills and tracking the budget adherence. This person should also track credit card spending and interest rates, keeping their partner in the loop as needed.

Each partner knows how to take care of the finances, but it doesn’t take them both standing over each other to get it done. One person is usually better at the analytical details, and they don’t mind doing the work. The other half of the couple balances the relationship another way.

5. Combine Your Money, Except When You Don’t

When you have a “What’s mine is mine” way of thinking about your assets, it’s hard to work together to get ahead.

Financially successful couples have a joint bank account, investing their paychecks together. They use this for the household and family expenses they both use.

However, insecurities don’t rule them. They know how important independence is, even in a happy relationship.

For that reason, they also have their own checking accounts to use as they wish. That way, you don’t have to run anything personal, like a shopping spree or a trip, by a partner.

6. Know How to Take Risks

You will rarely find a financially successful couple where both of them work office jobs. This does happen, but at least one person typically has to be highly educated.

To boost your economic success, you have to take risks. That’s why these pairs are often entrepreneurs, or they invest in diverse portfolios.

7. Be Supportive of Each Other

Power couples do not waste time bickering. Sure, they don’t always get along, but life is too short to argue over little things as a general rule. When you’re arguing, you are losing time you could enjoy with family or business matters.

Instead, these couples support each other’s journey. They know they don’t walk the same path. But they stay as close as they can to be there when necessary, cheering or helping as needed. To be successful across the board, support your partner’s goals. They, in turn, should be supportive of yours.

8. Be Giving of Your Time and Money

Call it karma, the Law of the Universe, or just plain being a nice person, but when you give, you receive. Financially successful couples have a charity they donate to or an organization where they volunteer.

Volunteering is a superb way to boost your career. And affluent people know this. Celebrities often volunteer to be “kind,” but they get the double benefit of extra press. The same idea works for you when you want to better your finances.

9. Focus on Your Fitness

Being financially healthy goes hand-in-hand with your physical and mental well being. Think of it this way. If you are always sick or depressed, you can’t move forward with your goals. You lose a lot of time you could have been working, making money, or being productive.

When you’re sick, you need medicine and doctors. You spend money on healthcare that could go towards investments or paying off debt. Power couples will always have a balanced work/personal life. You can take that one to the bank!

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At the end of the day, yes, it’s money that makes your life easier or lack of money that makes it harder. But it’s your money habits that set you up for this.

When you and your partner are on track to become a financial power couple, work together to change your money habits and better your life!

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Caitlin Sinclair is the Business Manager at Riata Apartments. With over 5 years of property management experience, she begins and ends each day loving what she does. She finds joy in helping current and future residents and makes Riata a place everyone loves to call home.

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