Ten Totally Painless Tips to Save you Money (and make your life a little better, too!)

Ten Totally Painless Tips to Save you Money (and make your life a little better, too!)
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    The amazing thing about saving money is that it also often has unexpected pay-offs in other parts of your life.

    You can get out of debt or create a handsome nest-egg while improving the quality of your life.


Read on to find out ten ways you can save on day to day spending while enhancing your lifestyle…

1. Keep your Tires Pumped Up

Well inflated tires will save you money at the pumps: your car runs at 1% less fuel efficiently for every two PSI of pressure below its recommended level. Most people run their tires at ten PSI below level, meaning that they could be saving 5% on their fuel bill.

Life pay-off:

Cars with correctly inflated tires are much safer to drive. No one wants to take unnecessary risks with their family’s lives.

2. Watch Less TV

There’s a couple of reasons this can save you money. First, it will reduce your power bill slightly. But, more importantly, it will significantly reduce the amount of advertising you are exposed to.

Emotive videos, celebrity endorsements and persuasive language are drummed into us every fifteen minutes, making us feel we need things we really don’t. By watching less TV, you will shut out the powerful messages urging you to give in to consumerism and part with your cash.

Life pay-off:

Take a walk. Read a book. Have a conversation with your family. You’ll be amazed at the extra time you have when you cut down on TV: find quality ways to spend it.

3. Plant a Veggie Garden

For a relatively small initial outlay, you could start saving on the astronomical cost of fresh vegetables. If you’ve got a big yard to work with, choose a sunny patch and plant seasonal vegetables of your choice. Just check out labels for what grows best in your climate.

If you’ve only got a small terrace or apartment balcony, don’t despair! Tomatoes, spinach, lettuces, beans and herbs all grow wonderfully in pots. It won’t be long before you’re enjoying the fruits of your labors, and saving lots on grocery bills.

Life pay-off:

You’ll probably end up eating more fresh vegetables. You’ll know exactly how they’ve been treated: no nasty sprays and insecticides. And, your friends will be very impressed!

4. Make a Shopping List

Braving the grocery store without a list is deadly to your wallet. Bright, colorful advertising lies in wait to trap you as you walk by. There are luxury items “on special”.

The temptation is too much! Before you know it, your trolley is brimming and your grocery bill is hundreds more than you expected.

Choose a quiet time at home (make sure you’re not hungry!). Check your cupboards and fridge and figure out what you actually need for the period ahead. Write a shopping list and then stick to it!

Life pay-off:

You’ll cut down on emotive purchases and rid your pantry of tempting foods that are no good for you. Good for the pocket, good for the waistline!

5. Stay in with Friends

Ever had a morning where you were too scared to check your bank balance after a night out with friends?

A night on the town can be hugely expensive. After a drink or two you forget that you’re trying to save: cocktails all Round!

Just because you’re saving money doesn’t mean you should become a hermit, though. Consider buying a couple of nice bottles of wine from the grocery store and having a fun night in with friends.

Life Pay-off:

You might find this is way more fun than a nightclub, anyway. You control the music, no lines for the bathroom, no creeps at the bar. And all at a fraction of the cost!

6. Stick to the Road Rules

This one’s a no-brainer! If you want to avoid nasty, expensive speeding tickets: don’t speed! A record of traffic infringements will also push your insurance premiums up through the roof.

Life pay-off:

You’ll help to make our roads a safer place!

7. Arrange a Carpool

Petrol prices are on the rise and yet so many cars have just one person in them! Stop this needless waste and arrange a carpool with friends or colleagues.

In some cities, there are even carpool lanes which could cut down your commute, meaning additional fuel savings. If you’re close enough, you could even consider walking or taking public transport.

Life pay-off:

If you’re walking, you’ll get a little incidental exercise. Carpooling will give you time to catch up with friends or colleagues, taking the boredom out of the commute. Not to mention cutting carbon emissions!

8. Pack Your Lunch

Rather than hitting the cafes every day, make yourself lunch in the morning or the night before and take it to work with you. Even if it’s just every second day, you’ll be amazed at just how quickly the savings mount up.

Life pay-off:

You can pack a delicious and healthy lunch and not be tempted to grab fatty convenience food on the run.

9. Switch the Lights Off

42% of the average American electricity bill comes from lighting, electronics and appliances.

So, you can cut down your power bill simply by switching off lights when you’re not in a room and turning off your appliances when you’re not using them. So easy!

Life pay-off:

A lot of our electricity is generated by fossil fuels. By conserving it, you can feel good about doing a little bit extra for our beautiful planet.

10. Pay it Forward

You’re bound to have friends with all sorts of amazing skills, and you probably have one or two yourself. Why not offer to babysit a friend’s kids while they have a night out? Or help with a wall-papering job?

Next time your lawn-mower needs fixing or you’d like help in the garden, you won’t have to pay a professional, people will be lining up to repay the favors you have done them!

Life Pay-off:

Working for each other creates a wonderful feeling of camaraderie and community spirit! You’ll feel useful and worthwhile and people will be willing to help you out when you need it.

If you’d like to see your savings snowball, and enjoy a few added life benefits, try a couple of these tips.

One last word of advice: your cost cutting plans will be much easier to stick to when you’ve got support. Share these ideas with your friends and you can work together to make life happier and bank balances healthier.


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