How To Get a Five Star Uber Driver Rating

How To Get a Five Star Uber Driver Rating
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Because it is easy for anyone with a car to join, driving for Uber, Lyft, or other ride-share services has become one of the most common side hustles. But your success as an Uber driver often depends on your driver rating.

To ensure that your driving experience is a success, here is how to get a five-star Uber driver rating.

Keep a Clean Car

Obviously, you and your passengers will most likely be strangers, and for most of your interaction, you won’t be facing them. As such, most of your passengers’ opinions of you will be based on your car.

A car filled with trash and grime will immediately turn off your passengers, especially in our current climate, when cleanliness is at the forefront of people’s minds.

You should clean your car’s interior before you even sign up for the app and continue to do so between every passenger.

Keep a Clean You

A car is a very compact space where the air recirculates. Even though your passengers will see more of your car than you, they’ll know pretty quickly if you haven’t washed or brushed your teeth lately.

For your passenger’s sake, do both before you start accepting passengers.

Drive Well

Passengers are already taking a leap of faith by getting into a car driven by a stranger. Even if you are a perfectly competent driver, if you speed, hit your brakes too fast, or take your turns too quickly, you may convince them that you’re a maniac—not to mention, you could make them motion sick.

Along with driving well, make sure you know the area you are driving. Passengers appreciate drivers who know how to get where they’re going and how to get there quickly. Knowing multiple routes to popular locations, especially ones that avoid traffic, will earn you extra points.

Be Considerate

There are two parts of being considerate as a rideshare driver—the first is your manners, and the second is your ability to “read your crowd.” However long your day has been, you should greet your passengers kindly and wish them a good day when they leave the car.

That’s the very minimum. To go above and beyond and make yourself stand out among the other drivers they’ve had, take the extra step of opening the door for passengers and helping them with any luggage.

other valuable tips:

But having good manners doesn’t necessarily mean you have to chat with every fare you have. This is where picking up on social cues from your passengers comes in.

Some passengers will be uninterested in any kind of conversation. Some will want to chat about everything. Responding to each passenger in kind will likely earn you a five-star uber driver rating, and ignoring those cues will likely make your passengers feel uncomfortable.

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