North Vancouver Financial Advisor and Financial Planner

North Vancouver Financial Advisor and Financial Planner
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    A financial advisor or financial planner is someone who renders services that aim to help their clients with managing their wealth.


It can be tough to make a living, and even at that, it can be tougher to save. That is why it may be wise to consider seeking the services of an expert to show you the ropes. If you are wondering when to seek help with your finances, then you should find this piece to be insightful.

The first thing my family and I did when we newly moved to North Vancouver was to seek help with our finances. A lot of things were different from how we lived in Asia, and I didn’t want to encounter any hardship in a new city with the wife and kids.

It wasn’t much of a burden to hire a financial consultant, as many online resources proved useful to us. You can start by checking this piece below on finding a professional to help with planning your expenses.

Now that you know what a financial advisor is and how he/she can be of benefit to you, the next step will be to answer the question – when is the right time to seek financial advice?

When to Seek Financial Advice?

It is safe to say that you will only be interested in any money-related advice if you have some or a lot of it.

You may think that it is not much of a necessity to hire someone to tell you how to spend your hard-earned cash, but the expert advisers will tell you that it is wise to do so in situations such as:

  • When you come upon a massive sum of money, for example, you inherit a fortune from a family member or win a lottery
  • When you move to a new city (especially with the family)
  • When you plan on taking a loan
  • When you are starting a trust fund
  • When planning for a significant event (weddings, new business, buy a new house, etc.).

Generally, when looking to make any significant money move, you should always consult with an expert to guide you on the right steps to take. They are equipped to provide an in-depth analysis of your financial status and the best approach to tackle any capital intensive venture.

Before you go Looking for Help

You may want to ask yourself if it is worth it spending on a financial advisor to tell you things you probably know already about saving money. It would help if you did so because it will cost you at the end of the hour or month, so it better be worth it. One of the things that made me consider hiring one was that there wasn’t much free time on my hands to do all the checks and balancing. So I thought it wise to let someone else who’s qualified do it instead.

Some questions you should answer first before looking for financial help are

  • Do you have any financial skills?
  • Do you read books and contents related to money management?
  • Are you willing to read up and research on financial-related articles?
  • Can you afford a financial advisor?

All these are some of the questions you should be looking to answer before you consider spending on a financial planner in North Vancouver or anywhere else.

What to Expect from a Financial Advisor?

There is a lot to expect from someone managing your money or advising you on how to do so. While they may not necessarily be able to bring in profits, they should be able to prevent you from running into financial loss. A lot of people you will meet when looking to hire will sell on some fantasy of how they will make you the next Warren Buffet in a short time. But you should know that not all services will be the same, and you are better off with a professional who is

  • Honest about their abilities
  • Has a track record of success with clients
  • Licensed professional
  • Cares about your needs

In an honestly saturated market, it is still possible to find quality financial experts who are dependable. Your financial planner should be willing to listen to you and share their deepest concerns regarding your fiscal assets. This is where honesty comes to play, and I will prefer a stranger who is blunt but sincere about their analysis, then a friend who sugar coats every detail to protect my feelings.

other valuable tips:

What are the Risks of a Financial Advisor?

You already know that handing someone your finances to take care of is giving them too much of a responsibility. To preserve your interest, you should do well to help your money manager avoid the following risks.

  • Liquidate your investments

    If you fall into the hands of a dishonest professional, you stand the risk of having your assets liquidated. They could also take advantage of you by making you buy and sell more than you should for their personal gain. So you also want to do your research before agreeing on any transactions on your investments.

  • Bad Planning

    You could also be at risk of hiring a financial advisor who is terrible at making foolproof plans. If what you get are poorly laid out plans with no positive results, you should consider working with someone else. A lot goes into financial planning, and you shouldn’t leave the entire job to your advisor. Instead, it would help if you worked together to ensure you get the best out of the relationship.

Final Note

It will almost be impossible to do without financial help, whether in the form of advice or planning. We all try to earn a living and to stay alive; you must save for the rainy days. If you are looking to hire a North Vancouver financial advisor who is honest and goal-oriented, you should consider following the guide above. You could also find it useful if you need financial assistance in any part of the world.

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