Essential Skills For Surviving In The Modern Business World

Essential Skills For Surviving In The Modern Business World
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    One of the most exceptional traits that human beings have is the ability of fast learning and adaptation.

    Up to this day, we have evolved and specialized in many skills that enabled us to survive and prosper.

    We will narrow things down a little bit, and focus on the use of our skills adapted for the survival of the modern business world.


Whether you are young and getting ready to enter it, or you already have some work experience behind you, there is always room for improvement. Skills can be developed and upgraded, eventually leading to your maturity, both personal and business-wise. Entrepreneurs, these are the surviving skills you should appreciate the most.

Social Skills

“Man is by nature a social animal”, wrote Aristotle in his famous work “Politics”.

And it is true, because you are connected and dependent on other people, no matter what business you are in. For example, if you are in the cheese making business, you depend on other people that have to come and pay you in exchange for your cheese. Thus, developing social skills is necessary if you want to be a successful entrepreneur. An alternative to it is hiring a CEO or COO as someone whose job is to represent the company and deal with people. Business partners, employees, customers, investors, or the press – whether you are to succeed or fail depends on how you are able to manage these relationships well.


Reacting by impulse can cost you everything. Those who know how to self-regulate do not let their emotions (both positive and negative) dictate their decisions or behavior. Self-regulation leads to creating a trustful and fair environment for employees, while self-regulators are able to maintain evenhanded and calm when approaching various situations, which allows them to handle change and ambiguity much easily.

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Decision Making

“Nothing is more difficult, and therefore more precious, than to be able to decide.” – Napoleon Bonaparte

One of the core skills that every entrepreneur must have is the ability to make clear decisions. One must decide on things regarding production, funding, marketing, and investor selection. It is often said that every decision we make is wrong, meaning that you should not regret them. It is from bad decisions that we all learn and grow. Have a disciplined decision making process, collect all available information, consider every possible option, and settle for the most suitable one. Decide on your goals and strive towards them. There are great leadership training courses, where you can improve to become a more firm decision-maker.


Entrepreneurs must always examine the periphery of their companies and the external market in order to be able to detect potential opportunities and threats. Considering different scenarios and gathering information is required for predicting the correct future course of the industry. In order to improve the ability to anticipate, one needs to conduct business simulations and market research, examine the competitors’ actions, attend industry events, and talk to partners, suppliers and customers to understand their challenges.


Motivation is what keeps the engine running. The most successful entrepreneurs are motivated by the desire to fulfill their plans and achieve goals, not by any kind of wealth. It is called intrinsic motivation, and is far more powerful than the extrinsic one. Motivated entrepreneurs are those who are proud of their work, who want to learn and take various creative challenges. They are passionate and on the path of constant improvement. They do not simply work for someone or own a business, but are committed to their organization on a personal level because it enables them to do the work they love.

Adaptability, firmness, self-control, motivation and strong beliefs are what one needs to survive the modern business world. Those skills, once obtained, should be improved by constant learning. It makes it an ongoing process, which means that there is no room for laziness. If you do what fulfills you and work hard on your self-development, the expertise that you have will not go unnoticed.


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