Is Guerrilla Marketing for You?

Is Guerrilla Marketing for You?
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    An unconventional marketing strategy to begin with, guerrilla marketing is a budget alternative, primarily used by small businesses.


Although large companies as well as corporations have been mentioned on the subject of this type of marketing, many claim that what they cannot be considered guerrilla, seeing as how their brands are clearly visible and costly.

Guerrilla marketing came from and is based on the streets, targeting shopping centers, parks and beaches with high level of people flow and is done at little or no cost. It involves Street, Ambient, Stealth, Ambush and Viral marketing. Now that you know the outline of what guerrilla marketing is, ask yourself: Is this kind of marketing for you?

Guerrilla marketing is based around a lot of creativity, improvisation and suffers from no specific rules, other than that that it should be cheap. Here are some ideas to tickle your mind:

  • Window displays –
    Every city downtown is lined with shopping windows and, no matter how well-designed and interesting the showcase of what you could buy inside is, the shoppers tend to miss out on many an interesting store out of pure oversight. If your business is just one in a sea of million, what you could try is to use your window display as your own personal billboard. There is no permit required for this and it is quite gentler to your pocket. Edgy, minimalistic window displays tend to attract crowds.
  • Highlight your location –
    Using vacant units to make your business memorable is a fantastic example of guerrilla marketing. Local authorities usually do not frown upon this type of street art, as regenerating old neighborhoods is in their interest. Simply approach the owner of a vacant building and offer them to bring life to a dead neighborhood. Chances are that the landlord won’t have anything against it; they might even feel good about themselves for contributing to making an old neighborhood come to life. Meanwhile, with business in mind, you can enjoy a boom in your trade next to a memorable location.

-“Where’d you buy those?”
-“In this cute antique shop next to that cool vintage graffiti on *insert street name here*.”
-“Oh yeah, I know exactly where that is!”

  • Ink will always be cool –
    Take it easy, I’m not saying you should brand your employees. Well, at least not permanently. Use temporary tattoos and body art on your staff to promote your business. If your logo is interesting enough, you can rest assured that it will attract attention. If not, QR codes are the way to go! Have the staff that’s promoting your product/event approach people asking them to scan the code on their arms (for example) with their smartphones. Quite an innovative idea, huh?
  • Use other products –
    You can promote your business by advertising on various products. Use custom water bottles to make a print of your logo, or company name and let it sail into the world. This kind of guerrilla marketing is simple, cheap and has been around for ages. A great way to promote your small business!
  • Bus stops –
    swarming with people every day, especially if you live in a big city, bus stops are quite convenient for promoting your business. Just make sure it’s interesting, funny, out-of-the-box and related to public transportation, so that you can relate to people. Linking this with bus ads will definitely put a smirk on those gloomy, worn-out faces.

There are many ways one can advertise without spending too much money. The best thing is – guerrilla marketing is open to any combination of ideas. Engage your creativity and bring art to the gray world of boring, colorless commercials – everyone is fed up with those. Become successful by being unique!

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