Hungry for Savings? 4-Step Recipe to a Balanced Budget

Hungry for Savings? 4-Step Recipe to a Balanced Budget
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    Saving money these days can truly be a tough endeavor.

    With people earning less and business owners not hiring people for full time positions, earning enough income to stay ahead of the game has proven to be a daunting task.


This has, however, not prevented people from dreaming up ways to pinch a little more out of their paycheck and place these funds into savings. In order to develop a solid savings account balance, it is important to first get one’s budget under control. Here are four ways to balance your budget and end up with even more to put into savings.

Avoid Eating out Each Night

Everyone loves to head out for a night on the town. Dressing up and going out to eat can be loads of fun. Unfortunately, it is not a budget-friendly activity to eat out night after night. Dollar for dollar, the best bang for your buck is to eat the food that is on the verge of spoiling in your refrigerator instead. Buying groceries, just to let them go to waste, is nothing short of cash in the trash. Eating at home to avoid this problem will inevitably leave more money in your pocket to put into savings.

Cut Reoccurring Monthly Charges

Another way to generate more savings is to eliminate your recurring monthly charges. Many times you spend a few dollars here or there each month on services you do not really need. From your online dating service to other subscription-based expenses, eliminating these monthly charges will free up a steady stream of money that would be better to direct straight into savings.

Pay with a Check

When it comes to your spending habits, you never really pause to consider how much you are charging to your credit cards. When you pay with cheap personal checks, such as a customized personal check with your favorite print on it, it makes you more aware of how much you are actually spending. One reason is because you actually have to take the time to write the amount out. The more aware you are of how much spending you are doing from place to place, the easier it is to moderate your spending habits.

Cut Your Cable Bill

One area where you spend a lot of money is your cable bill. Eliminating the cable bill translates to more than a thousand dollars in savings each year. With cheaper alternatives, such as Hulu and Netflix, it is possible to significantly cut costs and still have access to many of the shows you watch on cable. Many apps exist that will even stream television right to your computer or smart phone for free; thus, making it easy to divert more of your hard earned money into savings. According to, there are other steps you can take, such as purchasing a cable modem rather than leasing it, that will help to take the edge off your cable bill each month. Taking these extra steps are certainly a strategy that will help you budget more effectively.

Developing a working budget will inevitably free up more money for savings. By cutting out wasteful spending, you will not only be able to save more money, but you will also be able to pull ahead financially, too. Finally gaining mastery over your spending habits and taking control of your financial situation is what budgeting and saving money is all about. While others you know are struggling to make ends meet and living well beyond their means, you will rest easier knowing that you have enough money saved up to operate within a significant degree of financial freedom.


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