6 Tips for Living Well on a Shoestring Budget

6 Tips for Living Well on a Shoestring Budget
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    When you are short on cash, whether it is for a short period of time or for the forseeable future, you will find that it is essential for you to create a budget and to stick with it.


However, even if you have rent and utilities covered, you will discover that living well is a whole other story! As the old saying goes, you don’t survive by bread alone. Life can still be enjoyed when you are pinching your pennies, so consider some of these tips.

Free, Free, Free for the Asking

What is going on in your town? If you live in a relatively active place, there are always free events to go to, and a lot of these free events offer samples and free snacks. Head out to a free wine-tasting, a free gallery showing or a play going up in the public bark. 

Budget for Fun

You either set aside twenty dollars a month for something fun, or you get desperate and deprived and blow a hundred without planning on it. It’s your choice!

Live Simply 

Living simply is different from depriving yourself. For example, if you want to live simply, you don’t just say that you are not going to purchase that new stereo. Instead, you realize that the stereo is something that you don’t really need. You already have one, you don’t listen to music as much as you used to, and there are better ways to spend your time. Living simply can take some adjustment, but it is worth it!

Share Accounts

Just because you do not have a lot of cash does not mean that you have to miss your favorite entertainments. WBLI Incorporated suggests canceling your cable bill and watching your shows online. Share accounts with other people. For example, Netflix has a system where you can add friends and family members to one account. This allows you to take advantage of a free streaming movie service while splitting the cost. 

Get Out of the House

When you are trying to save money on your utilities, get out of the house for a while. The problem with being short on cash is that you feel that going anywhere will cost you money. However, at the height of summer when you want the air conditioner to chill the air and in the heart of winter, when you need to stay warm, staying in can cost you a chunk too! Instead of staying home and racking up the bills, get out of the house, turn off the thermostat and go window-shopping or enjoy some of those free attractions. 

Work On Getting Out of Debt

Remember that just because you are having a rough time now does not mean that you always will be! Even if you have debt, you will find that there are solutions that can help you out. Getting out of debt takes a lot of planning, a fair amount of effort, and in some cases, serious professional help. At sites like you will be able to see your debt for what it is and to make sure that you know how you can get yourself free and clear. 

Getting by isn’t always easy, but there is a good chance that it can be easier than it is right now for you. Consider these tips one by one, and give them a try. A little breathing room can make you feel a lot better!


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