Your Guide to Premier Banking

Your Guide to Premier Banking
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    Your typical banking services include direct deposit (checking) and savings accounts, as well as certificates of deposit, safe deposit boxes and loans, just to name a few offerings.


But there is also another realm of banking that you may not be familiar with. Specifically, it is called "premier banking" or what represents concierge services directed toward mainly high net-worth individuals.

1. A matter of a relationship.

Most bank customers can have a relationship with their banker. If they are regular patrons, then a teller or a bank officer may know them on a first name basis. With premier banking, the person who serves as the bank representative will also have you on a first-name basis. Furthermore, this person will work with you personally to ensure that you receive the services you require.

2. The bank representative has a high level of experience.

Premier banking services are represented by wealth managers or professionals who have a strong background in investment services. In particular, this person may also be known as a wealth manager, an individual trained and skilled to handle a variety of investment vehicles, including retirement accounts, stocks, bonds and other assets.

3. Concierge services like you have never seen before.

Walk into any bank branch and you will receive the usual level of services that commercial banks offer. Head to the premier banking or wealth management department, and those services expand greatly. Besides the aforementioned wealth management skills, your premier banking representative is prepared to assist you in any way possible. Certainly, your needs are specific to you and if there is a service that you would like to have fulfilled, the wealth manager will provide it or supply you with an individual within the bank who is best suited to assist you. If it seems that the bank wants to do everything they can to help you, then your assumption is a correct one.

4. Premium services with valuable benefits.

Not only will premier services banking provide you with the services you need, you will also receive benefits that go with those services. Indeed, banks typically provide interest checking with premium rates for their special customers. Further, your monthly fee may be waived. Other fees, such as overdraft protection, stop payments and wire transfers may also be waived. And that visit to a competing ATM network may not result in the customary charge to your checking account.

5. Benefits that go beyond the bank walls.

Premier banking services are not restricted to the bank’s™ four walls. Certainly, your wealth manager or other premier banking representative understands that you are a busy individual and that you may travel across the country and abroad. To that end, your benefits are stepped up a notch as no-fee foreign exchange services are offered. And some premier services also provide global access to branches around the world and access to an emergency line of credit when abroad. Certainly, the latter can certainly come in handy if you have a medical emergency and are incapacitated and stranded abroad.

Concierge Services

Ultimately, premier banking services are tailored to meet your needs. Your wealth manager or premier banker will help develop a well-diversified portfolio based on your  goals and aspirations. Without a doubt, it is the type of service you expect from a certified financial planner, but in this case you have the strength and background of the bank standing with you.


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