Five Helpful Things to Know about Your Debts as You Start Your Taxes this Year

Five Helpful Things to Know about Your Debts as You Start Your Taxes this Year
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    Debts and taxes have a great deal to do with each other.

    Properly managed and maintained, debts can actually be an asset when it comes to paying your taxes this year.


Here are five helpful things to know about your debts as you get ready to deal with your debts and taxes properly this year:

Your Debts Must Still Be Organized in Order to Count Against Taxes

With the government, it is not what you know, it is what you can prove. If you have debts that are cutting into your taxable income, they must be properly documented in order for them to count.

Your Business Debts and Personal Debts Must Be Separated

When it comes to taxes, there are many tiers of debts that give you more or less of an ability to reduce your taxable income. In order to be sure that you have the appropriate deductions applied, you need to separate your business and your personal debts.

You Can Take Off More Real Estate and Educational Costs than Ever

There is always a political element as to the amount that get counts against your taxable income. Because the current administration is dealing with the backlash of the 2008 housing and banking crisis, it has endeavored to put the money of home investors that into their pockets. Dealing with unemployment has also caused some of the same backlash. Therefore, if you have invested in yourself through education, you now have more credibility than ever before to take some of those costs off of your taxes.

There are Differences in How Uncle Sam is Viewing Investment Losses this Year

Investors also have many advantages if debts have been incurred in the process of investment. It is very helpful to know that there is a political movement to raise the amount of taxes that will be levied on capital gains. Get those taxes out of arrears now so that you do not have to pay the higher tax rates in the coming years. Keep in mind that you can carry over some investment losses from previous years into the current tax year. Pay attention to the variable tax rates between years so that you can take the most off of your taxable income. Getting this right is kind of like playing the market – you never know exactly when political leanings will move towards a lower tax rate for future years. You must assess this in the same way that you assess your risk tolerance or aversion in the market.

Do Not Attempt to Lump in Impulse Buys with your True Expenses

The Internal Revenue Service is keeping a closer eye on people than ever before. They will pay special attention to movements of money that occur in lump sums and from nonbusiness accounts. Personal expenses are being viewed with a much deeper microscope, especially if you fall within a certain income range. In order to make up for the tax revenue that has been lost from the lower middle and working classes, the Internal Revenue Service is cracking down on small and medium-sized business owners.

If you have a professional service or if you gain income mostly through independent contracting, then make sure that all of your debts are separated so that you can justify every deduction from your taxable income. Under no circumstances should you ever lump in any impulse purchases with your true business expenses.

There is always a way to save yourself from a tax burden using debts. Make sure that you have your affairs in order so that you may take full advantage of the negative financial events that happened to you during your fiscal year.

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